Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How to change Blogger's default Template.

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Blogger's worst thing you may have noticed is its years-old templates. The dashboard has been revised but the templates remains same. However, with time, there has been hundreds of third party templates designed and released for free to users. These third party templates needs to be manually uploaded to Here is a quick tutorial to change your bloggers default template.

▌ Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template

▌Select Backup / Restore option from the right hand side upper corner of the template dashboard.

▌ Download full template before uploading any third party template. You don't want anything wrong with your already developed blog, so keeping a backup is always a necessary thing. 
Blogger Template Backup / restore
▌ Now, browse through your PC and select the template you wanna upload. The template will be uploaded. 

How to customize your already applied Template: 

▌ Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template. Select Customize. 

▌ Blogger Template Designer is open. Now you can adjust Widths, size, Background Images, Templates Fonts and many more. 

If you know HTML and javascripts, you can manually modify your site's design by going to 
Blogger Dashboard > Templates > Edit HTML. 

Important: Don't forget to keep a backup of your template before making any change. Always preview your template if you edit its HTML source, if its loading correctly, you are in right direction, else, you need to revert changes. 



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  4. Blogger's worst thing you may have noticed is its years-old templates. The dashboard has been revised but the templates remains same. How To Blog

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