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My personal Media.net review and experience.

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Media.net is a contextual advertising network similar to AdSense with Yahoo! Bing network 
shaking hands with media.net to provide better revenue earning systems to publishers. Its relatively new to AdSense and is seen as better AdSense alternative. However, my personal experience till date is not so encouraging. 

▌How I got approved. 
There is no sign-up process. You request an invite from their website filling out all the details and they will manually review every site / blog. If they find your blog complying with their policies, they will accept you. I didn't have much problem getting approved since I already have optimized my site in accordance to AdSense program policies and more or less, its same for Media.net. You may want to read how to get approved by AdSense. 
▌Whats benefit of Media.net? 

○ The Ads are very much targeted and contextual. So you don't have to worry much about bad User experience. 

○ A very good customer support. Mail them any problem you have, and they will reply you within 48 hours. That never works with AdSense. 

○ Really less chances of getting banned like AdSense. Even if you are, you have someone to ask the reason, and most probably you will be replied. 

○ Ads are new. Visitors have become blind to AdSense ad units. Media.net provide new Ads sizes and units and customization is much easier and better. 
▌After Approval, 1st week. 
I placed one Ad unit each on 2 of my blogs. The earning was simply amazing. Yeah!! The minimum RPM was $2. i earned an RPM of even 18$ for one particular day. I was damn excited. I started replacing AdSense ad units with Media.net units, downgrading AdSense to second choice for earning. It went the same for almost 2 weeks. 

▌What Next!! 
zero RPM media.net
RPM dropped to zero! I thought it may be due to any traffic problem or my blog may not have generated quality traffic. But the RPM never really increased till date. I am still keeping one ad unit on each blog, but RPM is still zero. For the last 2k visitors, I have earned zero.

▌Why I switched Back to AdSense. 

○ With AdSense, at least I know how i get paid. How much clicks I received and CPC. Media.net is not transparent enough. They don't tell you how you earned, whether it was Clicks or impressions that increased your balance. 

○ Each site needs to be approved. If i maintain 10 blogs, I have to apply for each blog separately. With AdSense, if you are approved once, you can place ads on any blog/websites that complies with AdSense program policies. 

○ Not suitable for blogger domains. If you have a blog blog.blogspot.com, then perhaps you will miss a good amount of visitors. Google has incorporated Blogger's domain redirection.  That means you will have to get approved for each of the domain separately .com, .in, .au, and the list is endless. 

▌Now what I am gonna do. 
I will keep this option for another month with a close eye on my earning. If the RPM sticks to zero, I will remove the Ads and believe that old rule, "AdSense is best". 

Have you tried Media.net? Whats your experience? Share with us. 



  1. That means still Adsense is the best.

    1. Hm. Its more transparent and a slow but sure way of earning. IF you got traffic, you earn. As simple as that.

    2. Hmm you are right, Adsense is more transparent than media.net. But it really working fine for me... Last 3 months I have earned handsome amount.:)

    3. Yes bro Adsense rocked, is rocking and will always rock

  2. media.net is not worth your space unless your traffic is 100% percent from USA, Canada etc. you can read my review here- media.net review

  3. my site bestdealsofcanda.com has all the traffic from canada (100%) and this I got 50 cents from last one month even the I have more than 1000 views per day. Do you have any other alternate to media.net. I am already using adsense. any alternative other than adsense. Thanks

  4. i am using media.net from last two months and i have earned very well i think this is the best alternative of adsense.

  5. good post http://www.bestweba1.com

  6. Media.net is worked better than google Adsense for my blog www.connectwithbedo.blogspot.com I earn $389 in just 1 month :)

  7. The first 3 months with media.net were great then my earnings went to nothing! I'm switching back to google adsense at the end of the month.

  8. The first 3 months,my website www.scamk.com with media.net were great ! I won't switching back to google adsense .

  9. I am using medianet from last 15 days. But some times its give me upto 3 $ per 1000 visits some times its gone to Zero. I can't understand what is it.

  10. I am using 3 units of adsense and 2 units of media net. Per unit ecpm for meida.net is 0.35 to 0.7. I can agree that media.net is not as good as google adsense. But it is a real alternative. In-fact it is the only alternative if you are having international traffic. Another one that is having good ecpm is lijit (federated media). But they fill adspace for traffic from US can Canada only. So if you are having majority of traffic from us and canada they are a very good option for you. I have written a review of it here

  11. Am new to the world of blogging and your article improved me a lot to grew up..... Make Money , Blogging Tips

  12. I just got approve with my media.net account today and I am searching for reviews for a guide and make initial review for them to make good vibes.. hopefully I got good earnings from them..

  13. Nice review. I have not tried media.net at all maybe I should try them and see how it goes for me

  14. yes, adsense is best as per my experience.

  15. I started using media.net with my site: http://www.writers-haven.com/ , my traffic is 70% from the USA. I hope I'll have good earnings.

  16. i am not able to view any media.net ads on my site

  17. wow really great thanks a lot for sharing..

  18. thank you so much.... the information you provided were very interesting and helpful .... It would be better if you make the matter more easier to understand for common people…. Make Money , Blogging Tips

  19. Definitely going to try media.net for my blog http://epicgamerblog1.blogspot.co.uk/

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