Sunday, 31 March 2013

Move a blog between two accounts

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Its for Blogger accounts.

The need of transferring blog from one account to another comes when you manage more than one blog with different Accounts. You may have a older blog with different Gmail account and you are presently working with another Gmail account and you feel that blogging from two different accounts is frustrating since every time you have to log out from one account and login to another. So the need of moving the blog from one account to another  becomes a necessity. 

Moving a blog is as simple. You need to have a new Gmail id to which you want to transfer the blog. 

For Account one. - Source Account for blog.

  • Open the bloggers account, Go to Setting >> Basics >> Permissions.
  • Click on Add Authors button and send an invitation to the second account. 
For Account two. - Destination Account for blog.
  • Open your Gmail account and you would have received a author request.
  • Accept the author invitation. 
You are still only an author to the earlier blog with your new account. You need to be Admin for having the complete control over your blog.
For account one. - Source Account for blog.
  • In bloggers account go to Settings >> Basics >>Permissions.
  • You will see your new account as an author to your blog. Make it as Admin

Now from the new account you can have the complete access to the blog which was associated to earlier account. 

Warning. The posts with earlier account will still have him as author. Deleting that account will lead to the disappearance of images in his posts. Since the images are associated with that Gmail account and they are not transferred. So its not a good idea to delete that account permanently. You have to keep it active in order to keep the images. 


Saturday, 30 March 2013

Running out of contents for your blog?

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Initially, every blogger face this problem of running out of contents for their blog. This results in no further improvements to their blog, both in content quality and quantity. However keeping some points in minds before and during your blogging carrier may avoid any such situation. 

  • Choose a wide-domain niche. It is said that "blog on what you love". But that don't mean you select a topic on which you can write no more than few hundred lines only. Choose a more wide-domain topic. A topic that can be more generalized and can be written of. There may be more challenges in such niche. Who cares, beat them all. 
  • Read what you write for. Reading is the best thing you can do on web. Read more and more about the niche you writing for. If you have huge knowledge in your brain about your topic, you will never run out of contents. Internet is already full of what you are going to write. There is no bad in reading what others have written. Read them, understand them, and make your content. 
  • Maintain multiple niche. Some webmasters don't agree with this since it requires more time. But it may be a good idea to have 2-3 different topics to write for. Maintaining more than one blog will ensure you have more things to write. However, it may result in more time wastage since you have to market separately for all of them. Lets understand this with an example. You maintain a blog you can write 50 articles for that. Maintaining two at a time will ensure 100 articles. More contents means more traffic, and more earnings. 
  • Improve your group. If you are done with a topic, ask your friends to contribute. There is no problem in partnership. More people means more ideas and more contents. 

What not to do even if you are running out contents. 
  • Don't repeat anything. No one is interested in reading the same novel twice. Same is the case with your blog. If you have no more new ideas for your blog, that don't mean you start re-posting the same content again and again. Even Google will penalize you for repeated contents. 
  • Don't copy paste from others. People have used up their time writing for their blogs. Don't copy paste. You may even have to face legal issues under copyright violation. Its your blog. Write yourself. I will never allow someone's content on my personal blog. Write yourself.
Any point in mind? Mention.


Monday, 25 March 2013

Why bloggers domain is redirecting

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If you are using blogger platform for your blog and not using any custom domain service, you must have noticed your blog being redirected to country specific domain. If you are from India, you [blogname] will be redirected to [blogname] and for someone in Australia, it will be like [blogname]

Reason behind this. Google says it is doing this to manage contents locally. If Google receives a removal request for any content, the content will no longer be available in that area. 

How the change will affect blogs. There will be no as such changes to blogs content. If any content will be removed, it will not be shown to a particular area where it violates the terms. 
Now, the main thing which is to be considered due to the bloggers domain redirection is How it will affect Search Engine Optimization. 

After this change, Google crawler will find the same content over different domains. Thus to crawlers it will appear as duplicate contents resulting in loss of page rank Google is still trying to minimize the affect as much as possible but still for now its gonna hamper your search engine rankings. If you have put an article on "blogging", the same content can be find out on [blogname], [blogname], [blogname] and many more. This looks like content duplicacy to crawlers affecting your sites health. Google needs to consider this as soon as possible. 

Alexa ranking affected. Well, if your site was earlier visited through .com 20 times a day, it may now be visited with .in 10 times and .com 10 times distributing your ranking to 2 different domains resulting in loss of your ranking. You yourself can check that for .com, .in,, or any other domain. They are all different. 

Will it affect custom domain?  Nope. Custom domains will not be affected and this is the best way to negate the effect of this Google practice. Buying a .com will ensure all your visitors from that only resulting in higher page rank and search engine rankings. May be you should buy a custom domain. And me too. 


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Finding sites linking to your blog

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Finding sites which are linking to your blog is an easy thing. Everyone is interested in knowing which are the top inbound links for their blog and more linking to your sites means there are more ways of you to be discovered and more links on internet which redirects to your blog after a click. There are two ways which I use to find the Inbound links to my blog. 
  • Through Google Search. You can use the feature [link:<your blog address>] to find out the sites which have links to your blog. This is the basic and by far mostly used method. No need to account set up somewhere or to install any widget. Finding the inbound links is through this method as simple as Google search.
After performing the search, all the places are listed which directs to your blog. This is a better way of keeping records of how much you have inbound links. Getting good inbound links will increase your blog's ranking through search engines. 
  • Through Webmaster tool. Login to your Google webmaster account, Go to Traffic > Links to your site. You will get the 
  1. Total number of Links.
  2. Who links you the most.
  3. You most linked contents.
  4. How your data is linked. 
This is of my blogs stat of inbound links. 

On one hand, Direct Google search is a quick way of getting the inbound links to your website blog, while webmaster tool provides a detail to it. Both these ways are a good of Finding sites which are linking to your blog. They will help you in keeping track of it. More sites linking to your blog, its better. 


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Getting Adsense approval is one of the biggest challenge for the bloggers. Adsense has become much more strict these days giving approval to webmasters. However, following some of the basic points could lead to faster Adsense account approval to you. Here are some of the points for quick Adsense Approval. Although you can't really call these points tips and tricks, but they are the normal rules you should adhere to in order to getting a Adsense account. 

  • Get a custom domain. Buy a custom domain for your blog. Google has almost stopped considering .blogspot blogs. I am not saying that its impossible with blogspot domain but getting a custom domain will double your chances for approval. A custom domain will cost you not more than 10$ for a year. And domain hosting like Godaddy have discount coupons which ensures domain in as less as 3$. 
  • Have some content. Don' apply with little content. Build your site and have some good quality posts. Before applying publish at least 50 articles with about 500 words each. In the beginning, you can post 2-3 articles per day. Do you think Google will show interest in approving a web blog with 10 articles? I don't think so. No one is having interest in showing ads on your website which have no content or very less. 
  • Have some visitors. There is no pre-requisite of traffic for applying to Adsense. However, it don't make sense to apply for a blog with low visitors. Even if you get approval you won't be making any such money. Market your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. You will surely get good amount of traffic. Connect with people of your niche.
  • Good website design. Have a good website design. If you are on blogger, go for third party templates. There are hundreds of free and professional looking templates across the internet. Just Google it. As they say, if you can't make good, make it look good. At least. 
  • Include about us and privacy policy page: Google has made it mandatory to include privacy policy. Create one yourself and if you don't wanna complications, Google it. There are thousand of websites ready to make a privacy policy for you for free. Including a About us page is better. It should include information regarding you and other authors and the primary aim of the websites. 
There is no fixed rules or tips and tricks defined for Adsense approval. However, following some these points will make your work easy. Good luck. Make some money. 


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Top 5 reasons for Adsense ban

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Getting Adsense ban is one of the most frustrating thing for a blogger. Adsense being the toughest in advertising market, ensures that there is no fraud involved anywhere in the whole publisher-advertiser process. However, some of the bloggers try to cheat Adsense by not following some of the program policies leading to the banning of their account. For ensuring that you don't be one of the victim of this ban, here is a 5 prominent reasons for Adsense ban and you should avoid these in all cases. 

  • Never click on your own Ads. Do you think you can fool Google with thousands of highly qualified professionals working day and night for stopping frauds? Never try clicking on your own ads. You will lead yourself to ban. Google monitors every click and try not to click on any system on which you have used your Google accounts. Clicking your Ads may lead to permanent ban of your account and you will may be never get your account back. If somehow by mistake you click on your own ads, contact Google as soon as possible mentioning your mistake. 
  • Don't encourage anyone to click on your ads. Encouraging someone to click ads on your page is strictly against the terms of services of Adsense. Never go for it. Write good contents, people will get to your blog, and chances are that will get to the ads also, since they are very contextual. You have to market your blog, not the ads on it. Good quality content will drive traffic and more traffic will have more chances of you for earning.  
  • Location of ads on your blog. Don't trick Google. Don't make Adsense ads look like a part of content. Maintain adequate space between two ads or between ads and contents. Don't put ads on Login or registration pages or thank you pages. Don't put them near flash contents since its harder to guess which one is ad. Don't put ads in popups or emails. They are not allowed under Google Adsense terms. 
  • Don't change the ads. Never try to tamper the Google ads code. Use the code which is generated in your Adsense account. Doing so will lead to chances of your account ban. Google strictly prohibits  alteration of code. Never change of layout, behavior, targeting or delivery of ads. There are a lot of layout ads for you and chances are that you will find any suitable for yourself. 
  • Contents restriction to the ads. Never put ads on those sites which have contents that are not allowed under Google Adsense policies like adult/mature contents, pages that promote gambling, or are violent and hateful. Don't put ads on porn sites and on pages whose contents are copied from copyrighted material of someone else. No advertiser would want to display their ads on porn sites or a site selling drugs. 
Keeping all these points in mind while working with Adsense will ensure your smooth relation with Google. If you think you can fool someone like Google by fooling them or by violating their terms of services then you may be a fool. Go, try it and get banned. For sure.!! 


Monday, 18 March 2013

How many Adsense ads per page

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Google Adsense allows you to place multiple Ads on your blog/site. However Google ad placement policy restricts the number of Ads that can be placed on a blog. Many new-bie publisher don't know How many Google Ads can be put on a web page and don't care going through Adsense ad policies leading to their account ban. Here is a short description of Adsense Ads placement policies regarding number of ads that can be placed on a blog. 

  • Adsense for Content Ads. Adsense publisher may put up to 3 Adsense for contents ads. However, only one 300x600 ad unit can be placed in a blog. Contents units are those which shows ads in text/graphical way to the visitors. Adsense algorithm ensures different Ads displayed at a time to these units on a web page. You are paid either per click or by impressions according to the type of ads served by Google. 

  • Link unit. You can put a maximum of 3 Link unit on a page according to Google Adsense ad policies. Link units are the related links shown on your blog according to the content of the blog. However, you are not paid when user clicks on these link units rather you are paid for the clicks on ads linked from these link units. 

  • Search Box. You can have two search boxes on a web page. You are paid for the advertisement put on the pages generated from the search boxes on your web pages. 

Note.  The ads in the posts are not links but images taken from Google Adsense help topics. 


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Top 3 marketing tools for a blog

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What should I do to get good rank for my blog? What are the top 3 marketing tools for my blog? The question always remain in a blogger mind. Its with me also. Marketing strategy has changed a lot and keeps on changing but the best top 3 marketing ways remains the same. Marketing means reaching to your audience as much as possible and the best ways remains the same. 

  • Social Media. Social Media Marketing is the best and fastest way of reaching to your audience. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Pinterest (the list varies according to one's choice and preferences), they are the best way to promote your blog to a larger mass. Some likes, +1s and shares can get you a lot of traffic and Social media marketing is at No.1 in the list of Top 3 marketing tools for a blog. However, the only thing it requires is 'Active participation'. 

  • Guest Blogging and Comments. Guest blogging includes writing for another blog of your Niche. Most people allows a link back to your own blog thus you always have a chance of a visitors reading that particular post on the blog you wrote for. However, you should always stick to write for a blog of better ranking than yours. Commenting on other blog is like putting your links to a higher ranking website and getting consistence traffic. It may be less but its consistence. A link remains on website unless it is removed. Unlike Social Media , it don't requires active participation and link building for a couple of months through this month can get you a small but consistent traffic. And it don't need explicit marketing. Just while going through websites of your Niche, asking some questions and leaving your backlink is enough. This method is on No.2 in the list of Top 3 marketing tools for a blog. 

  • E-mail delivery. E-mail delivery means you sending a copy to your reader in the form of a mail. The best part is people always open E-mails and ignore level is much less in comparison to Social Media. Chances are that 9 out 10 people will go through your blog by this method. For this method, you need to build a email database with ids of those who are interested in your blog. You can do it by asking people directly, putting a 'subscribe' button or organizing events on social media or on your blog itself. Its a great method and is at No.3 in the list of Top 3 marketing tools for a blog. 

You can a find a way of subscribing to this blog in the right corner of the blog. If you are reading me, you are interested in my blog. Make sure you receive the latest updates and posts in your email by subscribing with your email id. 

The list contains more ways. But these are basic strategy for marketing a blog. Their importance never will change and will never degrade. They remains the Top 3 marketing tools for a blog. 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

How to Get huge traffic from twitter

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Twitter is a micro-blogging site with huge number of users. Its one of the top social networking media and getting twitter fan base for your blog can drive you huge traffic. By adopting some of the common and best practices, you can increase substantially the number of visitors to your blog from Twitter. Here are some of the ways to get huge traffic from twitter. They are general points that do affects your visitors driving factor. 

  • Increase your followers. "Follow me and I will follow you back". Make sure you follow people of your niche. Going through Profile of people will ensure that you follow the people of your niche and increase your chances of getting followed. You can follow me @mbBlogging on twitter. You can even request your friends to follow you on twitter initially and share you on social media. Connecting with people of your niche will be a major factor in traffic. A cricketer fan will never visit a tweet about body building. 
  • Use shorten URLs. Twitter provide a fixed number of characters in a tweet. Hence, shortening your URL will ensure that you have enough characters to describe in brief what the link is all about. Giving a description is good way of letting people know whats its all about. you can use for this shortening your URL. Try to limit your tweets in less than allowed character so that people when retweet it have enough characters for the complete tweet. 
  • Updating you profile. Keep your profile Bio updated and relevant. Keep it attractive to increase your follower numbers. Mention your blog link in your profile. Keep your username related to your niche or your blog address. People will tend to remember you more by this. Upload your profile pic. Make your account look genuine. If its representing an organisation, putting the logo of organisation is a good idea. 
      • You profile Pic.
      • Profile Bio mentioning your interests. 
      • You blog address in Your profile. 

  • Tweet regularly. Tweet your new articles. Tweet quotes or some lines of contents from your posts and mention the links of that post. Re-tweet for others who are in your follow list. How can you hope someone to re-tweet you if you don't do the same? Give time for others. Keep in touch with your audience, with people you are following and those who are following you. Tweeting your old articles which have been in popular posts lists is also a good way of getting some more traffics. 
  • Add twitter to your site. There are a lots of twitter gadgets and plugins for your blog. Add them and ask people to join. People are most likely to follow you from your blog reading any article. You can mention your twitter username in an article and asking people to follow you. You can add twitter buttons from Add twitter buttons. 

  • Use hash tags. Using hash tags in your tweets will ensures people to search your tweet through these tags. For example, for this post, "How to get huge traffic from twitter", I may use hash tags like #twitter #traffic #blogging etc. 
  • Don't spam. Do you post the same blog article many times? No. Then why tweeting about the same article a thousand times. Don't spam. Try posting about an article twice a day at peak times. You will find it by yourself by trying different time for posting. Don't un necessarily keep on tweeting the same stuff and Don't un-necessarily tag peoples. 

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Submitting you sitemap to Google

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Submitting your sitemap to Google ensures that your content is available for search engines. Most of the time it done automataically but submission of sitemap manually ensures that it is done in quick time and all of your links are indexed in search engines.  lets discuss the steps to submit your web blog's sitemap for faster indexing and better listing in search engines. 

  • Login to your Google's webmaster account.

  • Add your site to it if its not already added. 

  • In the left panel, you will have a optimization category. Select Sitemaps from it. 

  • Click on Add/Test Sitemap from the right upper corner of the page and feed the sitemap URL you have created in the first step. 

  • Submit your setup. Now your sitemap is submitted to Google and your articles will be Indexed shortly. Indexing ensures that your content is readily available to search engines for crawling your blog. 

I have submitted by sitemap to Google and the blue shows the total links submitted by me to Google and Red one shows the Indexed posts. The reason behind a smaller red graph than blue is that not instantly all the links are indexed.


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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Leaving comments on another blog

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Leaving comments on another blog is a favorite way for bloggers to communicate with other people in their niche. Its also an old and popular way of link building and driving consistent small traffic. However, these days the over doing of commenting just for the sake of link building has increased. I receive a lot of junk comments where its written, "Nice post, please visit here [Link]". Its useless for me. And I remove them as soon as I see them.

Its fine to promote Link building through Leaving comments on a blog. However, there should be some general standards which should be maintained while commenting.

  • Meaningful comment. The best way to comment is to read the complete post, and if questions pop-up in your mind, go and ask it. Without going through the post, its most likely that you will end up commenting something irrelevant to the post. By the way, reading is always good. Spend some time in it. Then frame a meaningful comment. 

  • To the topic. Don't write anything un-related to the content. Try to indulge in a conversation with the author and with other audiences of that blog and that's only possible if you comment keeping in mind the content of the post. The basic is still the same, go through the post before posting a comment. One of my friends recently corrected my post, and I was really thankful to him. It made me feel good that people over the internet are connecting with me. Here is the comment he wrote to me: 

  • Don't spam. Will you accept some one spamming your website which you build it with lots of efforts and lots of time? No. No one is gonna accept that. So, never spam. Keep blogosphere clean. Keep it as clean as you want it for yourself. You are just wasting your time and other blogger doing that. Writing 'nice post' on 50 different blogs will get you traffic but not reputation. You will love to be called as 'spammer'? I don't think.

  • Don't take it as a link building. Take it as an opportunity to communicate to the author of the blog. Don't just write something like 'Nice post', 'Good work', 'Post is awesome'. If its not nice, the owner of the blog had not posted it on internet. Be relevant. Treat the traffic from that blog as bonus to your reading you have done on that blog and the time you had spent there.

  • Always follow up your comments. Chances are that your comment will receive updates from the owner of the blog. Keep the conversation open. Keep following that comment. The author himself will feel connected with you. You might end up with a blogger friend at the end. 
If you have any other points, lets have a conversation over 'commenting' in comments section :)


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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Why blogger is better than wordpress

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For a new blogger, its really a confusing part to choose the best platform for themselves. There are a lot of platforms available for blogging as I have written in the article First step towards blogging. I personally started with both the WordPress and Blogger and then concluded that Blogger is better than WordPress  In this post I am gonna talk to you why Blogger is better than WordPress for a beginner.

  • The most important of using Blogger over WordPress is that some bloggers don't want to spend their time understanding complexities of the platforms and the way it works. Since Blogger is much easier and everything with a click support, they have much time for utilization in creating quality contents rather than other factors. 

  • Ease of use. For a beginner Blogger is better. Its easy to set up and use. Making posts is as easy as using MS word. Dashboard is clean and simple. Adding pre-existing tools and widgets are easier. 
  • More Secure. Blogger is a Google's part. They are much more secure than WordPress and the chances of being hacked in WordPress is zero. 
  • Hosting on blogger is free. That means you just have to pay for a domain, redirect it to your .blogspot blog and enjoy. No need to worry about host settings, paying for hosting and always monitoring traffic to your blog. WordPress is a self hosted site, that means you will have to buy host space in order to have a custom website. 
  • Adsense Integration. Getting Adsense approval for blogger is easier than WordPress (although no one confirms it). Blogger provides an inbuilt integration for Adsense in their dashboard and you don't need to install plug-ins to show Adsense ads. 
  • Analytic. Blogger support Google Analytic with the same account. No need to have multiple accounts for webmaster, analytic, Adsense, blog account. All with one user id and password. 
  • Faster Indexing. Blogger posts are indexed much faster as compared to Wordpress. The posts are indexed within hours of publish and thus are available for search engine resulting in traffic to your blogs. 
However, Blogger has some disadvantage of fewer templates, and less customization features. But, with all these plus points, A beginner can surely opt for Blogger. With no need of understanding complexities, they can concentrate on creating a good post. That's why Blogger is better than WordPress. 


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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Include 'Related Posts' in your blog

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You must have seen in many blogs that after a post, there are several Related Posts. At most times, you are attracted to open another post from that section. It naturally drive your attention to those post when you reach to the end. So, If you are a blogger / Wordpress blogger and and wants the same thing in your blog, you can also add Related Posts widgets in your blog. Frankly, I don't know doing it manually, so I have found a website to do it. Free, without ads and no sign-ups. 

  • Fill out the form, your Email address, Blog's homepage address. You can select Blogger/Wordpress platform and select the number of posts to be shown in the widget. I advise you to keep it 5. Maximum. 
  • Lets say you have selected Blogger platform. Then you linkwithin widget will be added to your blog through step by step direction. You will not find anything complicated thereafter. 
  • A widget of "You might also like" is added to every page of your blog. And randoms topic will be shown according to the crawler of linkwithin. 

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Sitemap for Blogger and Wordpress

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What is a sitemap? A sitemap is a list of pages of websites that are available for crawlers of search engine to be accessed. In simpler word, its just a collection of all links on your blog at a place. When a crawler crawls your blog, it just read that list. Its necessary that you know your sitemap as many blog submission directories ask for your sitemap to be submitted. Even Google's webmaster tool asks you to submit your sitemap so that they can keep track of your blog. 

How to get a sitemap? 
To get your sitemap, just append  /robots.txt to your domain name and a short page will appear.

You will get a web page like this. 

The link marked here is the sitemap for your blog. 
The above process is also applicable to Wordpress blogs.

However, the default sitemap will contain URL's of about 25 latest posts only. 
To include all your posts in the sitemap, 

[Your Blog URL]/feeds/posts/default?redirect=false&max-results=[Number of Posts]


To include 500 posts in the sitemap for my blog i will have a sitemap like,

This will include 500 posts in the sitemap. 


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Facebook marketing for your blog.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Facebook marketing for your blog

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Facebook is the largest social networking site today. With about a billion users and still counting, if used efficiently, Facebook can drive a huge amount of quality traffic to your blog. All you need is a little bit of time and some strategy for Facebook marketing of your blog. Marketing on Facebook is a little bit difficult since it is possible that the kind of page you set up for your blog has already about a thousand to compete with. The people on Facebook has become resistant to ads and the marketing on pages and groups. There are numerous ways of being busy in activities on Facebook , so driving a person to your blog while he is chatting with anyone of his friend needs something extraordinary. Lets discuss the simple strategy for Facebook marketing for your blog. 

  • Create a page. Keep your page name as informative as possible Try to keep it short and it should reflect what is inside that page. Upload a meaningful profile picture to your page. Don't put 'Sachin Tendulkar' profile pic on a 'body building' page. Fill the 'about' page. Don't eat up words. Give up full explanation to the page. 

  • Create a group. Creating a group while using Facebook for marketing your blog includes the same steps as creating a page. However, Group is considered as more discussion friendly and for sharing. Keeping an informative name to your group, adding a profile picture and cover photo will make it more interactive and people will tend to join your group. Stay in touch with group. Respond to peoples and keep encouraging discussions in your topic on topics related to your blogs. Giving a reference of your blog in return to someone's query is a good idea to promote your blog. Thanks someone who take time and give you a share or a like. 

  • Let other users communicate thorough your page or your group. Allow other people to post or discuss in your group. Don't limit it to yourself. Keep it open to everyone. And always show your active participation. Add all your friends to your groups and invite them for your page and ask some of your close friends to do that for you. It will take no more than 5 minutes for them. This will help in building a audience base for your blog. Getting 500 members in either a page or a group is a great thing can drive to your blog a huge and consistent traffic. 

  • Share them. Share your page and group to as many people as possible. Make them join. Ask your friends to invite their friends and share your page on their timeline. A single share will reach to all people in their friend list, and chances are that someone in their friend list will share it again. You may even use other platforms to connect on Facebook to your audience. You can even put your group's link on your blog itself asking people to join you for regular updates. 

Thus, Facebook is one of the biggest marketing place for your blog and spending some quality time to connect to your audience can get you huge traffic. The only problem is that you need to make yourself more interesting than millions of pages and groups which is a challenging task. And doing something challenging gives you a sense of pride. :)


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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Google Plus Marketing for your blog

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If you use Google Plus for marketing your blog, you must have noticed its how efficient it is. Google Plus lets others to connect with your blog and driving traffic to your website. There are some factors which if taken care of, can increase your traffic from Google Plus.

  • Use Images. While posting your blog's article link, always use an Image. Its most likely that Google Plus will search your link for the image, and you have to just select the best out of it. Select the one which you think most resembles your content. 

  • Use Description. Posting your articles's link is not enough. Provide a short introduction to it in your content so that the link is reached from searches. The search engine for Plus won't discover you from the links. They will find from the Intorduction. If you dont have time, atleast copy paste the first paragraph from the post only. 

  • Use formatting. Take advantage of Google Plus formatting techniques. 

    • Bold Text. Use astrick (*) before and after the text. ** will make it appear
    • Italic Text. Use underscore(_) before and after the text. _www.y2do.blogspot.com_ will make it appear
    • Strike through Text. Use hyphen(-) before and after the text. will make it appear

  • Circle people. You add someone to your Circle and chances are they will do the same and your audience increase in that way. Don't Circle anyone. If you are blogging on a topic, try adding peoples who are also contributing in that topic. This will surely help getting more traffic. 

  • Join pages, communities and share your blog's latest articles. Many communities are provided with 'share your latest post' options. Don't add links where it is not allowed to. There are many alowed pages for promotion. 

  • Connect with the audience. If someone likes your posts, or share it, give him a thanks. They feel connected with you in that way. A 'thank you' won't cost you anything. 

You have any more ideas? Do share in comments. I will update in the post along with your name. 

Friday, 8 March 2013

Get traffic to your blog from StumbleUpon

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According to Wikipedia, "StumbleUpon is a discovery engine (a form of web search engine) that finds and recommends web content to its users. Its features allow users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests using peer-sourcing and social-networking principles." 

This means when you register on StumbleUpon, you will be asked to select your choices of Interest and whenever you 'Stumble', you will be shown a web page submitted by another user in that category. Its totally random. Getting some +1 on StumbleUpon can make your article go viral leading to a huge traffic to your blog.
How to submit links to StumbleUpon? 
  • Create a StumbleUpon account on its website You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to register or with any open Id. 
  • After Creating an account on StumbleUpon, you will be asked to select your Interests. Select whatever you like. 
  • Now, go to username, and from the drop down menu, select "Add a Page". You will be redirected to a submit page where you can submit links of your blogs. 
  • Fill the details and submit your page. You will see some traffic to your blog for sure. Instantly. 
Some Do's for StumbleUpon. 

  • Selecting the Area of Interest for post is most important. No one is gonna like your post on 'Body building' if you submit it in a category of 'Mathematics'.
  • Submit a separate link for all your posts.
  • Try to give as much Tags as possible. Find some keywords from your post and add them in tags. I am not sure that will help but if its their, its must be of some use. 
  • Add a good comment to your link. Sometimes users are attracted to your post by seeing a good informative comment. 

Some Don'ts for StumbleUpon.
  • Don't spam. Submitting too much links just for the shake of traffic is not a good idea. Don't pollute it. There are people out their for recreation. Submit only quality things. No one loves a useless junk.
  • Their is a limit of number of links you can submit. One/day is good. 
  • One link cannot be added more than once. Don't waste your time trying for that. 
  • Its a short term benefit. For a longer period, you have to switch to 'Quality contents, SEO and link buildings' only. 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Top 3 Google Adsense alternatives.

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The problem with the Adsense is that they don't accept you easily. There are various conditions you must fulfill in order to get Adsense approval. We have discussed about it in the post How to get Google Adsense approval. And the next problem is that they suspend your account without saying you the reason. Although many people claims that they do it unreasonably, but I don't agree with it. There is always a reason. However, in both the cases, you are left helpless. You prepared a blog. Created self-written high quality articles and Adsense says they won't accept you and you cannot earn from them. What to do next? Well, there are alternatives. Although not a single publishing program is as efficient as Adsense ( I personally feel it), but there are some of them which are good. This list for small publishers or for beginners so there is no point of including burst media or tribal fusion. 

  • Chitika, Online advertising network. Chitika ads are contextual. That means they will show ads on your websites related to the contents of your blog. So the chances of visitors for clicking on your ads are high. They are 3 types of ads- Search target, local ads, and mobile ads. 
    • Search targeted ads. That means ads will be shown according to the search query through which the user has visited your website/blog. Hence, there is a high chance of clicks on them and your earning chances are high. 
    • Local Ads. Chitika local ads program allow you to display local ads based on the visitor's location. 
    • Mobile ads. Today, with the rapid growth of Mobile phones, people are least bother to open their laptop. Rather they visit what they love from their phones, tabs etc. With Chitika mobile ads, you can generate ads for those visitors also.

  • Infolinks. Infolinks are in-text ads services. There algorithm searches specific keywords in your contents and these keywords are attached to a particular infolinks ads. They pay on CPM and CPC and by-far the second best Ads services after Adsense for me. I have used it for a long time before i got approved from Adsense. Give it a try. The best part is they can be used along with Adsense also. 

  • Clicksor. Clicksor is best alternative for Adsense if not better then Adsense (they never ban you like Adsense). They approve a website within 3 hours. And is best suited for small publishers with little contents. No pre-requirement is needed. Although there paying is on a little lower side, but still its fine. You will need a good amount of traffic to earn your 1st check though. The best part is they for Impressions also. If your website is viewed, you will be paid for that. However little. They pay money on 15 days net. They even have referral programs. 

Give it a try for a couple of weeks. it depends on your site to which a ad- program suits. If you have already used them, do mention its short review in comments. Let other visitors benefit from your experience. 


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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The question is "Is  Social Media Marketing necessary for blog promotion"? The answer is not absolute but relative. It depends on the age of the blog, the contents, and the blogger himself. Social Media can drive you a lot of traffic if used in right way and consistently. You may have to spend daily time on it. But The problem with social media marketing is that you will get traffic only till you are actively posting your links and sharing them with others. The day you stop doing all, your visitors from these places start decreasing. Lets have a clear discussion about it. 

  • Social Media like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the best way to earn visitors for a new created blog. For a fresh blog, less optimized for Search Engines, and with low Page Rank and Search Engine Rank, the chances for being discovered in a search Engine is less. So the chances of visitors are less. In these cases, Social Media may prove you a way to earn visitors and increase your page rank. 
  • Social Media provide a place to connect to a specific audience. Creating a page on 'Body building' will help you connect to the people who are interested in it. Thus, you may get some consistent visitors to your blog by Connecting to these peoples.
  • Although it may be a source of traffic, but its requires an active participation. As long as you are active, you will get traffics. Thousands of crores of links are posted daily, and a lot of people are there to replace you and your blog. You need to be active on daily basis and that's require a huge time. 
  • Many pro Bloggers concentrate on Search Engine Optimization rather than social media marketing. SEO ensures that your blog is listed in better ranking on search engine and help you get consistent traffic without the need of any marketing and active participation. 

Conclusion is, although Social Media does provide a platform for audience building, it must not be the only way of getting traffic. Along with Search Engine Optimization, Link building and Increasing content quality and quantity, Social media marketing provides a good way of socializing your blog in the people of you blog niche. However, you must not depend on Social Media solely. 


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How to check your website rank?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How to check your website rank?

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While creating a blog and posting articles one is always curious about where he stands in the blogging world. There are millions of blogs all over the world and thousands are created daily. The blogging world is full of competition and as till now there is no such tool to determine it properly. However, there are some other metrics to determine one's blog popularity and I am writing about the three of them which I use.

  • Google Page Rank. PageRank is an algorithm used by Google which assigns a value of 0-10 for any web page. Google usually updates it every 3 months. A higher PageRank means your website will have more preference in search engines. It is one of the best scale for the measurement of one site popularity. Webmasters and blogger keep an eye on it regularly. The only problem is that it is updates in 3 months and hence if you set up a website today and doing great job, you will have to wait till next update to see your progress. You can check you blog/site PageRank Wanna go into the detail algorithm of it then you can switch to its Wikipedia article. However, I don't think you will need it. 

  • Alexa. Alexa is a leading site analysis website for webmasters. It calculates the rank according to the visitors your blog gets from the people who have installed Alexa toolbar. You may feel that its not as much good, since it donot provide a complete information. But trust me, every blogger and webmaster  had installed it. Besides providing Alexa traffic rank, it provides the Country rank, pageviews % and much more. You should see it yourself. And If you have not installed a toolbar, install it. Create one if you have a blog. Try competing with blogs of your niche according to it. Official website of Alexa is You don't need to sign up to get your site's info. 

  • Technorati. is just like a directory of blogs. Different bloggers all over the world register their blogs there and there is a Authority system from 0 to 1000, thousand being the best. You have to choose the niche of your website and your rank in that sphere is given to you. Its updates daily  and you can track your progress accordingly. It also provides a Technorati rank which shows the overall rank of your blogs in all the blogs that are there. A competition thing. Right? Technorati will even get you traffic and getting in top 100 blogs of a particular niche will get you huge traffic from there. 

Competition improves efficiency and the feeling of increasing your rank is awesome. Believe me.

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How to increase traffic to your blog.
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