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Top 3 Google Adsense alternatives.

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The problem with the Adsense is that they don't accept you easily. There are various conditions you must fulfill in order to get Adsense approval. We have discussed about it in the post How to get Google Adsense approval. And the next problem is that they suspend your account without saying you the reason. Although many people claims that they do it unreasonably, but I don't agree with it. There is always a reason. However, in both the cases, you are left helpless. You prepared a blog. Created self-written high quality articles and Adsense says they won't accept you and you cannot earn from them. What to do next? Well, there are alternatives. Although not a single publishing program is as efficient as Adsense ( I personally feel it), but there are some of them which are good. This list for small publishers or for beginners so there is no point of including burst media or tribal fusion. 

  • Chitika, Online advertising network. Chitika ads are contextual. That means they will show ads on your websites related to the contents of your blog. So the chances of visitors for clicking on your ads are high. They are 3 types of ads- Search target, local ads, and mobile ads. 
    • Search targeted ads. That means ads will be shown according to the search query through which the user has visited your website/blog. Hence, there is a high chance of clicks on them and your earning chances are high. 
    • Local Ads. Chitika local ads program allow you to display local ads based on the visitor's location. 
    • Mobile ads. Today, with the rapid growth of Mobile phones, people are least bother to open their laptop. Rather they visit what they love from their phones, tabs etc. With Chitika mobile ads, you can generate ads for those visitors also.

  • Infolinks. Infolinks are in-text ads services. There algorithm searches specific keywords in your contents and these keywords are attached to a particular infolinks ads. They pay on CPM and CPC and by-far the second best Ads services after Adsense for me. I have used it for a long time before i got approved from Adsense. Give it a try. The best part is they can be used along with Adsense also. 

  • Clicksor. Clicksor is best alternative for Adsense if not better then Adsense (they never ban you like Adsense). They approve a website within 3 hours. And is best suited for small publishers with little contents. No pre-requirement is needed. Although there paying is on a little lower side, but still its fine. You will need a good amount of traffic to earn your 1st check though. The best part is they for Impressions also. If your website is viewed, you will be paid for that. However little. They pay money on 15 days net. They even have referral programs. 

Give it a try for a couple of weeks. it depends on your site to which a ad- program suits. If you have already used them, do mention its short review in comments. Let other visitors benefit from your experience. 


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  1. Nice blog post

  2. Bidvertiser is a good alternative, I get $1.29 after 5 clicks.
    And it's real because my friend got $70 a month from them

    1. i gave it a try and didn't worked for me that well bro. So i remained concentrated on adsense only. by far, its the best working thing for me. Infolinks is next to it.

  3. If you're just starting out and want to include a revenue-generating content distribution widget, check out ContentGain! You can sign up and have a customized widget earning you money in fifteen minutes. It's a great way to earn money while adding links to high-quality, relevant editorial content on your site. Full disclosure: I work for them, so feel free to ask me if you have any questions!

  4. Nice blog post,

    Bidvertiser is a good alternative
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  5. Thainet looks like a good Adsense alternative

    1. Didn't seem to last long, probably one to avoid...

  6. There is always best things happens, when one door shuts down, seventy doors will open for us. All we need to do is just find out which are the best alternative to google adsense. There are hundreds of alternatives available for us, the more we search, the more we get better alternatives. Just ignore google adsense; they don’t need you (small publishers) anymore. They will disable your account for no valid reason, we don’t have chance to defend your case. My advice to all small publishers is that search for anything else minus google adsense, you will be delighted you did it.

    1. Thats true.. Google has been started really ignoring small publisher with no support and account disabling. ALthough, I do not prefer removing it from the list of earning, its always better to have some alternative.

  7. Thanks for Adsense alternatives i am searching this for long

  8. Yep these are good alternatives and i have tried all of them when my adsense was not approved.
    But letter on i removed all because of the annoying pop-ups as my sites traffic was getting less ...

    Now I'm having two advertising companies ads running in my MOBILE DOWNLOAD PORTAL

    1. Adsense
    2. Bidvertiser

    And i'm earning decent income from both of them, though adsense provides much more then the later.

  9. Hi,

    Here you have a Good list : Adsense Alternatives


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