Friday, 1 March 2013

First step towards blogging

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The first step towards blogging is to choose a blogging platform. To decide which platform is best for you is surely depends on your personal interest. Its totally your wish to choose your the best blogging platform for yourself. It may be blogger, wordpress, hubpages or If you are a beginner, have no past experience in blogging and wants a less complicated platform then blogger suits you the best. Its easy, simple but its simplicity comes at the cost of its less incorporated features. Its better for earning cash since it can be easily integrated with adsense and its dashboard contains a separate adsense part. And being a Google part, you have a better chance of getting adsense approval too. There are a lot of templates to select from for your blog, with the facility of using any third party template for your blog. With blogging as simple as drag and drop methods, its best if its your first step towards blogging. 
Cons of blogger is that it has less features and customization is poor. The inbuilt themes are poor and don't give a professional look. 
Pros are its a lot easier for beginners. Direct integration with adsense. Third party templates are allowed and best suited for beginners. It provides a blog with domain. Its free just like blogger. It has more customization features as compared to blogger with more beautiful and professional themes. The cons of wordpress is that it don;t allow javascripts so you may not able to put your adsense code in it unless you host the complete website yourself thorugh The various plugins and templates associated with wordpress makes it the choice for professional bloggers but its complexity is against it. Hubpages has emerged as a fast blogging platform with in built Search Engine Optimization features which ensures that your posts are automatically listed in Google search and are enhanced accordingly. Its relatively new but is growing at a fast rate. It can easily be customized with amazon or adsense for ads serving, and with its increasing popularity in blogging world, it may prove a better choice. Its not so popular like the above platforms but is no mean in features as compared. It has the best facility of sharing files to the world which is not allowed in blogger. Its less used property may provide you a better domain. Its domain includes Templates are professional looking and it provides a better user interface. 

My opinion. If you are here, you must be a newbie. Start with blogger. Expertise with its different features. Get used to it. Try adsense with it. Earn some money. Try Search engine Optimization. Try different templates. Learn on your own. Its best. After all, its Google. Make your first step towards blogging. 



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