Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Include 'Related Posts' in your blog

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You must have seen in many blogs that after a post, there are several Related Posts. At most times, you are attracted to open another post from that section. It naturally drive your attention to those post when you reach to the end. So, If you are a blogger / Wordpress blogger and and wants the same thing in your blog, you can also add Related Posts widgets in your blog. Frankly, I don't know doing it manually, so I have found a website to do it. Free, without ads and no sign-ups. 

  • Fill out the form, your Email address, Blog's homepage address. You can select Blogger/Wordpress platform and select the number of posts to be shown in the widget. I advise you to keep it 5. Maximum. 
  • Lets say you have selected Blogger platform. Then you linkwithin widget will be added to your blog through step by step direction. You will not find anything complicated thereafter. 
  • A widget of "You might also like" is added to every page of your blog. And randoms topic will be shown according to the crawler of linkwithin. 

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