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How to check your website rank?

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While creating a blog and posting articles one is always curious about where he stands in the blogging world. There are millions of blogs all over the world and thousands are created daily. The blogging world is full of competition and as till now there is no such tool to determine it properly. However, there are some other metrics to determine one's blog popularity and I am writing about the three of them which I use.

  • Google Page Rank. PageRank is an algorithm used by Google which assigns a value of 0-10 for any web page. Google usually updates it every 3 months. A higher PageRank means your website will have more preference in search engines. It is one of the best scale for the measurement of one site popularity. Webmasters and blogger keep an eye on it regularly. The only problem is that it is updates in 3 months and hence if you set up a website today and doing great job, you will have to wait till next update to see your progress. You can check you blog/site PageRank http://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php. Wanna go into the detail algorithm of it then you can switch to its Wikipedia article. However, I don't think you will need it. 

  • Alexa. Alexa is a leading site analysis website for webmasters. It calculates the rank according to the visitors your blog gets from the people who have installed Alexa toolbar. You may feel that its not as much good, since it donot provide a complete information. But trust me, every blogger and webmaster  had installed it. Besides providing Alexa traffic rank, it provides the Country rank, pageviews % and much more. You should see it yourself. And If you have not installed a toolbar, install it. Create one if you have a blog. Try competing with blogs of your niche according to it. Official website of Alexa is www.alexa.com. You don't need to sign up to get your site's info. 

  • Technorati. http://technorati.com/ is just like a directory of blogs. Different bloggers all over the world register their blogs there and there is a Authority system from 0 to 1000, thousand being the best. You have to choose the niche of your website and your rank in that sphere is given to you. Its updates daily  and you can track your progress accordingly. It also provides a Technorati rank which shows the overall rank of your blogs in all the blogs that are there. A competition thing. Right? Technorati will even get you traffic and getting in top 100 blogs of a particular niche will get you huge traffic from there. 

Competition improves efficiency and the feeling of increasing your rank is awesome. Believe me.

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  1. It may seem obvious,but I've learnt something new today. Thanks Kumar!

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