Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Top 5 reasons for Adsense ban

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Getting Adsense ban is one of the most frustrating thing for a blogger. Adsense being the toughest in advertising market, ensures that there is no fraud involved anywhere in the whole publisher-advertiser process. However, some of the bloggers try to cheat Adsense by not following some of the program policies leading to the banning of their account. For ensuring that you don't be one of the victim of this ban, here is a 5 prominent reasons for Adsense ban and you should avoid these in all cases. 

  • Never click on your own Ads. Do you think you can fool Google with thousands of highly qualified professionals working day and night for stopping frauds? Never try clicking on your own ads. You will lead yourself to ban. Google monitors every click and try not to click on any system on which you have used your Google accounts. Clicking your Ads may lead to permanent ban of your account and you will may be never get your account back. If somehow by mistake you click on your own ads, contact Google as soon as possible mentioning your mistake. 
  • Don't encourage anyone to click on your ads. Encouraging someone to click ads on your page is strictly against the terms of services of Adsense. Never go for it. Write good contents, people will get to your blog, and chances are that will get to the ads also, since they are very contextual. You have to market your blog, not the ads on it. Good quality content will drive traffic and more traffic will have more chances of you for earning.  
  • Location of ads on your blog. Don't trick Google. Don't make Adsense ads look like a part of content. Maintain adequate space between two ads or between ads and contents. Don't put ads on Login or registration pages or thank you pages. Don't put them near flash contents since its harder to guess which one is ad. Don't put ads in popups or emails. They are not allowed under Google Adsense terms. 
  • Don't change the ads. Never try to tamper the Google ads code. Use the code which is generated in your Adsense account. Doing so will lead to chances of your account ban. Google strictly prohibits  alteration of code. Never change of layout, behavior, targeting or delivery of ads. There are a lot of layout ads for you and chances are that you will find any suitable for yourself. 
  • Contents restriction to the ads. Never put ads on those sites which have contents that are not allowed under Google Adsense policies like adult/mature contents, pages that promote gambling, or are violent and hateful. Don't put ads on porn sites and on pages whose contents are copied from copyrighted material of someone else. No advertiser would want to display their ads on porn sites or a site selling drugs. 
Keeping all these points in mind while working with Adsense will ensure your smooth relation with Google. If you think you can fool someone like Google by fooling them or by violating their terms of services then you may be a fool. Go, try it and get banned. For sure.!! 



  1. Great list, but I was still banned without doing any of these with the reason of "suspicious activity." Oh well, I'll appeal it later...

    Also, does your "You might also like:" widget work well? Does it display random posts? I've been looking for one like that for a while, but none of them have worked out well. I like the look of yours.

    1. There are several other complicated factors regarding Ban. You may provide me your URL and i will have a look.
      To include widget you are talking about
      here is the post related to it. Its a step by step to include that widget in your blog.

  2. Add you to my Google+ circle. I know no one should mess up with Google ads. It is good to know what should be watched. Thanks.

    1. ya. Google mentions it clearly not to change the ads in any way. Strict rules. Thats what makes Google Adsense best.


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