Saturday, 9 March 2013

Google Plus Marketing for your blog

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If you use Google Plus for marketing your blog, you must have noticed its how efficient it is. Google Plus lets others to connect with your blog and driving traffic to your website. There are some factors which if taken care of, can increase your traffic from Google Plus.

  • Use Images. While posting your blog's article link, always use an Image. Its most likely that Google Plus will search your link for the image, and you have to just select the best out of it. Select the one which you think most resembles your content. 

  • Use Description. Posting your articles's link is not enough. Provide a short introduction to it in your content so that the link is reached from searches. The search engine for Plus won't discover you from the links. They will find from the Intorduction. If you dont have time, atleast copy paste the first paragraph from the post only. 

  • Use formatting. Take advantage of Google Plus formatting techniques. 

    • Bold Text. Use astrick (*) before and after the text. ** will make it appear
    • Italic Text. Use underscore(_) before and after the text. _www.y2do.blogspot.com_ will make it appear
    • Strike through Text. Use hyphen(-) before and after the text. will make it appear

  • Circle people. You add someone to your Circle and chances are they will do the same and your audience increase in that way. Don't Circle anyone. If you are blogging on a topic, try adding peoples who are also contributing in that topic. This will surely help getting more traffic. 

  • Join pages, communities and share your blog's latest articles. Many communities are provided with 'share your latest post' options. Don't add links where it is not allowed to. There are many alowed pages for promotion. 

  • Connect with the audience. If someone likes your posts, or share it, give him a thanks. They feel connected with you in that way. A 'thank you' won't cost you anything. 

You have any more ideas? Do share in comments. I will update in the post along with your name. 


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