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Facebook marketing for your blog

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Facebook is the largest social networking site today. With about a billion users and still counting, if used efficiently, Facebook can drive a huge amount of quality traffic to your blog. All you need is a little bit of time and some strategy for Facebook marketing of your blog. Marketing on Facebook is a little bit difficult since it is possible that the kind of page you set up for your blog has already about a thousand to compete with. The people on Facebook has become resistant to ads and the marketing on pages and groups. There are numerous ways of being busy in activities on Facebook , so driving a person to your blog while he is chatting with anyone of his friend needs something extraordinary. Lets discuss the simple strategy for Facebook marketing for your blog. 

  • Create a page. Keep your page name as informative as possible Try to keep it short and it should reflect what is inside that page. Upload a meaningful profile picture to your page. Don't put 'Sachin Tendulkar' profile pic on a 'body building' page. Fill the 'about' page. Don't eat up words. Give up full explanation to the page. 

  • Create a group. Creating a group while using Facebook for marketing your blog includes the same steps as creating a page. However, Group is considered as more discussion friendly and for sharing. Keeping an informative name to your group, adding a profile picture and cover photo will make it more interactive and people will tend to join your group. Stay in touch with group. Respond to peoples and keep encouraging discussions in your topic on topics related to your blogs. Giving a reference of your blog in return to someone's query is a good idea to promote your blog. Thanks someone who take time and give you a share or a like. 

  • Let other users communicate thorough your page or your group. Allow other people to post or discuss in your group. Don't limit it to yourself. Keep it open to everyone. And always show your active participation. Add all your friends to your groups and invite them for your page and ask some of your close friends to do that for you. It will take no more than 5 minutes for them. This will help in building a audience base for your blog. Getting 500 members in either a page or a group is a great thing can drive to your blog a huge and consistent traffic. 

  • Share them. Share your page and group to as many people as possible. Make them join. Ask your friends to invite their friends and share your page on their timeline. A single share will reach to all people in their friend list, and chances are that someone in their friend list will share it again. You may even use other platforms to connect on Facebook to your audience. You can even put your group's link on your blog itself asking people to join you for regular updates. 

Thus, Facebook is one of the biggest marketing place for your blog and spending some quality time to connect to your audience can get you huge traffic. The only problem is that you need to make yourself more interesting than millions of pages and groups which is a challenging task. And doing something challenging gives you a sense of pride. :)


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