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Finding sites linking to your blog

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Finding sites which are linking to your blog is an easy thing. Everyone is interested in knowing which are the top inbound links for their blog and more linking to your sites means there are more ways of you to be discovered and more links on internet which redirects to your blog after a click. There are two ways which I use to find the Inbound links to my blog. 
  • Through Google Search. You can use the feature [link:<your blog address>] to find out the sites which have links to your blog. This is the basic and by far mostly used method. No need to account set up somewhere or to install any widget. Finding the inbound links is through this method as simple as Google search.
After performing the search, all the places are listed which directs to your blog. This is a better way of keeping records of how much you have inbound links. Getting good inbound links will increase your blog's ranking through search engines. 
  • Through Webmaster tool. Login to your Google webmaster account, Go to Traffic > Links to your site. You will get the 
  1. Total number of Links.
  2. Who links you the most.
  3. You most linked contents.
  4. How your data is linked. 
This is of my blogs stat of inbound links. 

On one hand, Direct Google search is a quick way of getting the inbound links to your website blog, while webmaster tool provides a detail to it. Both these ways are a good of Finding sites which are linking to your blog. They will help you in keeping track of it. More sites linking to your blog, its better. 



  1. Salam,
    Artikel yang bermanfaat. ^-^
    Terus Update Artikel yang bermanfaat lagi ya sobat.. saya tunggu.
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  2. very nice info gan .. thanks

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