Thursday, 14 March 2013

Leaving comments on another blog

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Leaving comments on another blog is a favorite way for bloggers to communicate with other people in their niche. Its also an old and popular way of link building and driving consistent small traffic. However, these days the over doing of commenting just for the sake of link building has increased. I receive a lot of junk comments where its written, "Nice post, please visit here [Link]". Its useless for me. And I remove them as soon as I see them.

Its fine to promote Link building through Leaving comments on a blog. However, there should be some general standards which should be maintained while commenting.

  • Meaningful comment. The best way to comment is to read the complete post, and if questions pop-up in your mind, go and ask it. Without going through the post, its most likely that you will end up commenting something irrelevant to the post. By the way, reading is always good. Spend some time in it. Then frame a meaningful comment. 

  • To the topic. Don't write anything un-related to the content. Try to indulge in a conversation with the author and with other audiences of that blog and that's only possible if you comment keeping in mind the content of the post. The basic is still the same, go through the post before posting a comment. One of my friends recently corrected my post, and I was really thankful to him. It made me feel good that people over the internet are connecting with me. Here is the comment he wrote to me: 

  • Don't spam. Will you accept some one spamming your website which you build it with lots of efforts and lots of time? No. No one is gonna accept that. So, never spam. Keep blogosphere clean. Keep it as clean as you want it for yourself. You are just wasting your time and other blogger doing that. Writing 'nice post' on 50 different blogs will get you traffic but not reputation. You will love to be called as 'spammer'? I don't think.

  • Don't take it as a link building. Take it as an opportunity to communicate to the author of the blog. Don't just write something like 'Nice post', 'Good work', 'Post is awesome'. If its not nice, the owner of the blog had not posted it on internet. Be relevant. Treat the traffic from that blog as bonus to your reading you have done on that blog and the time you had spent there.

  • Always follow up your comments. Chances are that your comment will receive updates from the owner of the blog. Keep the conversation open. Keep following that comment. The author himself will feel connected with you. You might end up with a blogger friend at the end. 
If you have any other points, lets have a conversation over 'commenting' in comments section :)


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  1. Some good points Ambarish and as always comments as well as content should be about giving value and not focused on getting links or leads.

    1. I have tried to make that point only that it should be specific to link building. Commenting is a way of communicating with others and to build a relation in some cases with them.

    2. A very nice informational blog. Keep on making such important blog post. Your work is really being appreciated by someone.

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