Friday, 15 March 2013

Submitting you sitemap to Google

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Submitting your sitemap to Google ensures that your content is available for search engines. Most of the time it done automataically but submission of sitemap manually ensures that it is done in quick time and all of your links are indexed in search engines.  lets discuss the steps to submit your web blog's sitemap for faster indexing and better listing in search engines. 

  • Login to your Google's webmaster account.

  • Add your site to it if its not already added. 

  • In the left panel, you will have a optimization category. Select Sitemaps from it. 

  • Click on Add/Test Sitemap from the right upper corner of the page and feed the sitemap URL you have created in the first step. 

  • Submit your setup. Now your sitemap is submitted to Google and your articles will be Indexed shortly. Indexing ensures that your content is readily available to search engines for crawling your blog. 

I have submitted by sitemap to Google and the blue shows the total links submitted by me to Google and Red one shows the Indexed posts. The reason behind a smaller red graph than blue is that not instantly all the links are indexed.


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