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Why blogger is better than wordpress

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For a new blogger, its really a confusing part to choose the best platform for themselves. There are a lot of platforms available for blogging as I have written in the article First step towards blogging. I personally started with both the WordPress and Blogger and then concluded that Blogger is better than WordPress  In this post I am gonna talk to you why Blogger is better than WordPress for a beginner.

  • The most important of using Blogger over WordPress is that some bloggers don't want to spend their time understanding complexities of the platforms and the way it works. Since Blogger is much easier and everything with a click support, they have much time for utilization in creating quality contents rather than other factors. 

  • Ease of use. For a beginner Blogger is better. Its easy to set up and use. Making posts is as easy as using MS word. Dashboard is clean and simple. Adding pre-existing tools and widgets are easier. 
  • More Secure. Blogger is a Google's part. They are much more secure than WordPress and the chances of being hacked in WordPress is zero. 
  • Hosting on blogger is free. That means you just have to pay for a domain, redirect it to your .blogspot blog and enjoy. No need to worry about host settings, paying for hosting and always monitoring traffic to your blog. WordPress is a self hosted site, that means you will have to buy host space in order to have a custom website. 
  • Adsense Integration. Getting Adsense approval for blogger is easier than WordPress (although no one confirms it). Blogger provides an inbuilt integration for Adsense in their dashboard and you don't need to install plug-ins to show Adsense ads. 
  • Analytic. Blogger support Google Analytic with the same account. No need to have multiple accounts for webmaster, analytic, Adsense, blog account. All with one user id and password. 
  • Faster Indexing. Blogger posts are indexed much faster as compared to Wordpress. The posts are indexed within hours of publish and thus are available for search engine resulting in traffic to your blogs. 
However, Blogger has some disadvantage of fewer templates, and less customization features. But, with all these plus points, A beginner can surely opt for Blogger. With no need of understanding complexities, they can concentrate on creating a good post. That's why Blogger is better than WordPress. 


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  1. really nice blog bro. i feel you did hard job.
    anu way dear i think you have one small typing mistake in this article, you retype wordpress in two time absence of blogger.

    here you have that paragraph.
    Blogger is a Google's part. They are much more secure than WordPress and the chances of being hacked in WordPress is zero with WordPress.

    after checking this comment you can delete it, i will never mind.

    1. Thank you very much for correcting me. I have checked the post and made necessary change to the post. Thank you again for reading and giving time to mention it to me..

  2. Agreed. I tried Blogger and WordPress at the same time when starting mine and I love Blogger. So much easier and I really have no complaints about it (other than the lack of templates).

    1. Even the lack of templates have been overcome by the third party templates. Google search and you will find a wide variety of templates for blogger. I am using one of them for this blog.

  3. Truly love the post.very informative.

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