Saturday, 30 March 2013

Running out of contents for your blog?

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Initially, every blogger face this problem of running out of contents for their blog. This results in no further improvements to their blog, both in content quality and quantity. However keeping some points in minds before and during your blogging carrier may avoid any such situation. 

  • Choose a wide-domain niche. It is said that "blog on what you love". But that don't mean you select a topic on which you can write no more than few hundred lines only. Choose a more wide-domain topic. A topic that can be more generalized and can be written of. There may be more challenges in such niche. Who cares, beat them all. 
  • Read what you write for. Reading is the best thing you can do on web. Read more and more about the niche you writing for. If you have huge knowledge in your brain about your topic, you will never run out of contents. Internet is already full of what you are going to write. There is no bad in reading what others have written. Read them, understand them, and make your content. 
  • Maintain multiple niche. Some webmasters don't agree with this since it requires more time. But it may be a good idea to have 2-3 different topics to write for. Maintaining more than one blog will ensure you have more things to write. However, it may result in more time wastage since you have to market separately for all of them. Lets understand this with an example. You maintain a blog you can write 50 articles for that. Maintaining two at a time will ensure 100 articles. More contents means more traffic, and more earnings. 
  • Improve your group. If you are done with a topic, ask your friends to contribute. There is no problem in partnership. More people means more ideas and more contents. 

What not to do even if you are running out contents. 
  • Don't repeat anything. No one is interested in reading the same novel twice. Same is the case with your blog. If you have no more new ideas for your blog, that don't mean you start re-posting the same content again and again. Even Google will penalize you for repeated contents. 
  • Don't copy paste from others. People have used up their time writing for their blogs. Don't copy paste. You may even have to face legal issues under copyright violation. Its your blog. Write yourself. I will never allow someone's content on my personal blog. Write yourself.
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