Monday, 11 March 2013

Sitemap for Blogger and Wordpress

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What is a sitemap? A sitemap is a list of pages of websites that are available for crawlers of search engine to be accessed. In simpler word, its just a collection of all links on your blog at a place. When a crawler crawls your blog, it just read that list. Its necessary that you know your sitemap as many blog submission directories ask for your sitemap to be submitted. Even Google's webmaster tool asks you to submit your sitemap so that they can keep track of your blog. 

How to get a sitemap? 
To get your sitemap, just append  /robots.txt to your domain name and a short page will appear.

You will get a web page like this. 

The link marked here is the sitemap for your blog. 
The above process is also applicable to Wordpress blogs.

However, the default sitemap will contain URL's of about 25 latest posts only. 
To include all your posts in the sitemap, 

[Your Blog URL]/feeds/posts/default?redirect=false&max-results=[Number of Posts]


To include 500 posts in the sitemap for my blog i will have a sitemap like,

This will include 500 posts in the sitemap. 


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  1. Hi Ambarish
    I have been trying all day to sort this out and getting lost with google help.

    Tried this and it seems to have accepted it, though it says only 4 pages submitted. I thought that I have 8 pages but then I'm very new to blogger and perhaps it takes time to read all.

    Anyway it seems that I have a sitemap now thanks to your good self.

    Thank you for writing and for sharing.

    Cheers MJ.

    1. Its my pleasure:) I have also been lost in creating sitemaps from different websites and then I found this simple method.:)

  2. So, i have to change the robot.txt every updated an article ?
    email me for your answer
    i need your answer and help guru

    1. No..You don't need to do anything. The sitemap in itself is updates with the latest posts. Just submit the links to the directories or wherever needed. That's it.

  3. Hello Obi Wan of blogging, I am still not to that sitemap thing, but I notice you have a copyright on your blog. How did you do this?

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