Monday, 3 June 2013

Creating a blog, either as a hobby or with the intention of making money, the top priority has always been to reach out to maximum people. And linkedIn is often missed out in driving traffic to your blog.
Driving traffic to your blog through LinkedIn/

The main reason why LinkedIn is not used effectively by other bloggers is the fact that Its not so social like Facebook, primarily considered as a job-seeking resume uploading website, and due to its somewhat difficult to use interface. 

However, if used consistently, LinkedIn can boost your traffic to a great extent and the major benefit of traffic from LinkedIn is that you get highly targeted visitors - Quality traffic.

Here is 5 ways of getting traffic from LinkedIn: 

▌Update your profile. Complete your profile 100%, add your own profile picture, and fill out all the details seriously. The more you look genuine, the more you attract people towards your shares and posts. If your profile is partially completed and weak, people may never read visit your profile or follow you or add you in their connection.
One more benefit of completing linkedIn profile is that your linkedIn profile is directly shown in search engines. Anybody going for a search of your name will likely to find you in search results.
Keeping a genuine account also improves chances of engagement with other people on linkedIn. Extending your reach is always beneficial. 

▌Increase Your Connections. Add more and more people in your connections. Invite them from your e-mail contact lists, other social networking platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. You can even add people whom you interact on linkedIn or who are of same interests/ niche to you. The more 1st level connection, the more your reach. Its good to build a connection pool of genuine people who communicate and engage with you. 

▌Join groups. Search for groups of your niche and join them. linkedIn groups are highly targeted and sharing articles with them will increase your visitors. Don't be frustrated not getting approved from some groups. LinkedIn groups are strict in their policies, and the moderators may not approve you in 1st place. Search for similar 'open groups' and you will still find the targeted audience. 
▌Create your own group. Its not a good idea for a new LinkedIn signed up user, but if you have spent some time on LinkedIn, and managed to have a good reach, create your own community. Put links of your blog in the group description. Anyone joining your group will go to read the group profile 1st, and that may convert into traffic to your blog. 

▌Engage with people. Join in the discussions in comments section, groups and walls. The more you communicate with people, the more you increase your reach. Moreover, if you consistently participate in group discussions, people will notice you more, and next time you post an article links in that group, you surely gonna get more visitors than earlier. 

So, If you have been missing your traffic share from LinkedIn, its not too late. Join, follow these points and earn some quality traffic. All the best. !! 

If you have any other point regarding generating traffic from LinkedIn, do mention it comment. I will update it in this post :) 



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