Thursday, 11 April 2013

Technorati is a blog search engine indexing more than a million blogs till date. Its a place where different blogger share their blogs and can be used as a great marketing tool for your blog. Technorati provide a 'authority system' which measures site's influence in the blogosphere and ranking in its niche. The authority is measured on 0-1000 scale and 1000 is the best. 

Technorati ranking system. Technorati also provide a ranking system where your blog is ranked according to their algorithm. I will not get to it as you can find that information on their website. Based on the ranking system, top 100 lists are calculated and placed on the home page. Being in top 100 list can get you a huge consistence traffic although its quite difficult to get in it. However, even in top 1000 list will bring to you a considerable amount of traffic. 

How to register. 

  • Sign up for . 
  • You will be asked to verify whether you are the author of the blog which you registered. They will generate a token which you have to include in any post. You can either create a new post or update an existing one putting that token it its text. 
  • Once they will crawl your website and find that text, you will be registered and they will final review your blog. Due to a huge number of blog being registered daily, it will take time since final review is a manual process. May be a day or two.
  • Once you are approved, your blog will be listed in their blogosphere. 

Some key points regarding Technorati marketing.
  • Choose specific category for your blog. Creating a blog on 'body building' and choosing a category 'technology' will always lead to poor ranking. 
  • Check your technorati status and ranking often, to see your progress and compare your results with your previous ones. 
  • Try hard to get to top 100 or even top 500 list. It will bring to you a huge lot of traffic. I was in top 2500 and getting 5% of my traffic from them. 
  • Since, technorati is a place of bloggers, people visiting your blog are quality traffic. They are interested in your blog, so they are visiting you. 
  • Technorati is just one more place to have backlinks. Interact with other bloggers, visit their blogs, discuss with them. 
Any more questions? You can put that in comments. Visit a day later, and you will find it answered. Surely. !!



  1. i got d tokan bt how cn i post that token ?
    js simply post in text or in html code

    tell me dude

    1. Post that token in any of the post. Then claim that token/

  2. Once you have verified the token.. what next ?
    How to promote the blog on technorati ?

    1. Just keep updating your site. They define your authority according to the traffic to your blog and the relevance of your blog in the field you have selected. Rank high in them, and you will get traffic.


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