Sunday, 28 April 2013

In last few days, I personally noticed a lots of clicks with 0 CTR, only from U.S. The click through rate for my ads on one of my website doubled and I got a hint of some kind of attack from some jealous people around the world. I always though Blogger is much safer than WordPress in these kind of fraudulent activities but that's not true, at least in these past 15 days. So, what should I do to save my Adsense account? What should I do to stop these invalid clicks? 

I personally talked with several webmasters in blogging world, some experiencing the same problem, some even got banned due to these, and some are trying to save themselves just like me. And frankly I didn't get a satisfying answer. All were having different opinions but still some point was in common. 

Google says its your responsibility to save yourself from these invalid clicks. So they won't even think before banning you. If your account is an year old, still you are not at all safe. One of my friends got banned with a good reputation with adsense and that's ridiculous. Just because someone sitting in a room thousands of miles away, open your blog and clicks your ads several times must not lead to 'your' account ban. But still Google works that way.

Question is what should we do if we detect these unusual activities? 
  • Remove AdSense. The first and most effective way is remove AdSense ads from your affected blog as soon as possible for some days. And then re-establish these ads and hope that the fraudulent activity will dis-continue. If its not, dis-continue again. 
  • Trace the ip address of the clicks. Most probably, all the invalid clicks will be from the same location and ip address. You can use Google analytics to trace that. I noticed 1 page view from an ip address and number of clicks. Clearly, its a matter of invalid clicks. So i reported the ip address to Google and even banned it.  
Even by following these clicks, if you have been banned, then perhaps you should look beyond Google.  Time for a switch. There are not as good as Adsense but still better alternatives. Try them. Learn them. And earn from them. Your banning means you have been penalized for something you have not done so its not your fault. Its theirs that they lost one of there trusty customer. Join with other publishing programs, direct advertisement selling, buysellads, affiliate marketing. You may get more than Adsense. 



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