Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Blogging for beginners : 4 basic steps

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The blogging world has high number of enthusiasts joining daily and the number of failures is also increasing in proportion. However, as a beginner, if you can keep some of the basics and key points in your mind, it will lead to a long blogging career of yours. Here are some of the points for beginners which will help you in going a long way. These points may not be for people who take it as a hobby. 

  • Know your niche.  Define a particular topic that you are going to write about. It may be your passion, your interests, a topic that you love to debate upon, or something of your choice that won't bore you. You should have in your brain what you will write about on your blog. You should not start writing about 'body building' after writing some posts on technology. That's don't seem good. So, decide a particular topic that interests you. If you are passionate about something, then perhaps you are done with this point

  •  Be consistence. Write regularly if you want people to read your blog. Be consistence. There are 1000s of young bloggers emerging everyday and you have to keep competing with them too. Even if you are way ahead and remain standing there, you will soon be over-taken. People who have find your blog useful will come back to it. Give them something new or they will perhaps never return. Anything more than 2-3 posts per week is best. The number depends on how much you are already estabilished. If you have 10 articles so far, you need to write much more than someone who have 100.
  • Popularize it. Market it. The number of visitors increasing day by day will motivate you to do better. So, popularize your blog. Its not that you create a blog, and people will have a dream about it and they will visit it. Go on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn. Start from your family members, friends, and their friends. You will see rising of your contacts list and the number of visitors. A blog's success is somehow counted by the traffic only. You have to tell the world about your blog. Atleast initially. 

  • Keep learning. As you move along in blogging, you will encounter several new things such as SEO, Link building strategy, etc. Get familiar with them. Learn them. Whatever you will learn, it will help you someday. Trial and errors is the best practice for blogging. You try a thing, if you succeed then you go on with it. Else, you try something else.
 These points are the four basic point a beginner blogger should keep in mind. Most of the people will agree to these points. However, if you are innovative enough you may choose another path. People who think differently are usually the one who succeed. Its up to you.  However, if you are contradictory, do mention it in comments, I would love to have a discussion with you. 



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