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SEO practices: Quality content is the king

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A site with quality content will attract more visitors naturally. No matter how beautiful you design a site, if you don't have good content no one will read you. Creating good quality and useful content will influence readers more than anything else on your blog. When a person searches for something, and he finds it exactly on your blog, chances are that he will refer your content in his circles thus increasing your reach. In blogging world, "Content is king" is over-used word and rightly so. You cannot expect huge traffic in the absence of Quality service. 

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Best practices for quality content.
  •  Easy-to understand. Write it up for an average person. You won't find anyone reading your blog with a dictionary in his hand. Always write keeping your audience in mind. If i come across any article that put strain on my mind while reading, I will simply switch over to another.  Keep it simple, break a very long sentence in two or more, and always try to keep it free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. If you are not that much good in English, ask your friends or colleagues to rectify it. Using too difficult words to understand is a bad idea. The user always have the choice to another good written and easy to understand articles. You have to out perform them.
  • Stay focused on the topic. Do not deviate from the topic. Stick to the plot you have chosen to write about. Talking about several topics in the same article is not a good idea. Choose a topic for an article and always organize your content around it. A little variation in the content is okay, with proper sub headings and paragraphs. The basic idea is if user comes to you looking for "Link building strategies", he should read that only. While writing an article, if you come up with some random and altogether new idea, write it down on a piece of paper for your future posts. Simple!!
  • Create unique content. The primary question is "Why someone read your article if its already written on web"? Why yours only. Everything is over-written on web. Search a topic and you will find thousands of websites in the results. The main aim is to compete to those websites and to be proved better than them. At some point of time writing about a topic, you may find that there is no new thing in your mind about it. well, you can then include some charts to describe it more, take the help of pictures and statistics to prove the point. Lastly, If you cannot come up with new ideas, at least put that idea in a unique manner.
  • Write for people, not for search engines. Its not the search engine that will read your content or benefit from it. Write for people. Search engine is a just way of discovering your content. Avoid using too much keywords since it may annoy the readers. What if I use "SEO practices: Quality content is the king" all over this post, will you enjoy it? You won't even come back to my blog again. Putting keywords in texts is a good SEO practice but it should not be done too much. Many webmasters agree that putting a keyword every 100 words of text is the best policy and I agree to it. You may have your own standards but keep in mind not over-doing it.

If you have in any other point in your mind,  feel free to discuss it in comments.



  1. This post is really great. It is also a wake-up call for those who are still ignoring Search engine optimization. I’ve also learned lot of essential information about SEO here. Thanks for this post.

  2. Every body saying that Content is a King but very little amount of people really create good content.

  3. Thanks Ramesh..Keep visitng and join our social networks for instant updates.... SEO

  4. interesting article.....article like this will help new bloggers like me in the beginning.....


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