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Unmatched Ad Request in Google AdSense.

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If you are an AdSense publisher and monitoring your account regularly, you must have noticed "unmatched Ad Request". You can view it under Performance report > Bid type. 

What is Unmatched Ad Request basically? 
When a user visits your site or blog with AdSense Ad units, these Ad units sends a request to AdSense to display a relevant ad to the visitor. If there are no ads returned for this request, it is counted as unmatched Ad request. The ad units are then shown as blank spaces. 

The problem is not that you are getting Unmatched Ad Requests. The real trouble is that some publisher will have more of these requests than others. The chances of earning from these ad requests are NIL since there are no ads served and there is no clicks or impressions pay. 

Reasons for higher unmatched ad requests. 
  • Using link units on site. If you are using link units on a blog/site, there will be higher unmatched ad requests. This is due to the fact that a matched ad request for a link unit is counted only if a visitors click on them. Since there are hardly any clicks on link units these days, these all are counted in unmatched ad requests. 
  • Poor content. Chances are that your content is not receiving enough bidders due to poor quality contents. No one want to show ads on a web blog with low or bad quality contents. So, may be you are not getting enough ads as per ad requests. Some ad requests don't have ads to display. 
  •  Blocked list. If you block half of the advertisers, how could you fulfill all the ad requests your blog generates. So be careful about that. 
  • Unusual ad size. Square or rectangle and more frequently used ad sizes have more bidders and hence lower unmatched requests. Don't go for any unusual ad sizes. 

Although you know now what may be the reason for unmatched ad requests, you can hardly take any steps to shield yourself. Almost everyone keeps their filter list small. If you are approved by AdSense, there is almost negligible chances of poor quality content. And since Google is the leader in publishing-advertising market, number of bidders in most cases will never run out for an ad space. 

How to utilize unmatched ad requests to your benefits.?
This is where back up ads come into the picture. While creating ad unit, Google asks for back up ads in case there is no ads to display. Link one such another ads from any other publishing network you are using. This is the most you can do with unmatched ad requests. 

At last, you don't need to really worry about unmatched ad requests unless you are earning from AdSense. There is no any such negative aspects of it, and there is hardly anything you can control. You can at most write quality contents to attract maximum bidders, use more obvious ad sizes, keep your filter list small. 



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