Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How to Prevent Blogger domain redirection.

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You must have noticed that Blogspot's domain has been redirecting to country specific domains. Google has taken this step to provide country specific redirection in order to maintain regional censorship. If a country prohibits the content of a blog, Google will stop servicing that content in that country. 

So what's the problem with redirection? 

Nothing if you don't care about your rankings, your ad campaigns and SEO practices. I am sure you do care about all these things. Here are some negative effects of your blogger domain redirection to country specific domain. 
  • Regarding Rankings: Most of ranking systems differentiate between .com and .in. If you go and find your alexa rank of your blog with .com and .in or .co.uk, they will all be different. Now what is happening is your effort to improve your ranking is distributed among different domains. 
  • SEO practices. So, your blogspot blog is hosted on .com, .co.uk, .co.uc, or .in domain? Isn't that a case of content duplicated?  And if you know a little about SEO, you must be aware that it will affect badly? Google says regarding the country specific redirection that it is trying that SEO practices remain unaffected but its only "trying". It is affected negatively. 
  • Ad campaigns. If you are with AdSense, its okay. But if you show ads of Media.net, where its compulsory to getting approved of each site to host ads, they will not count "clicks and impressions" for .in if you registered with .com. I personally contacted media.net representative about the problem, and what he said was, I have to manually submit all the domains. Now there are 100 countries from which I get traffic. Is it possible? They didn't get me to a solution. 
 Is there any solution? 
There is no problem without any solution. Personally, I have two of the best solution here. 
  • Get a custom domain. Custom domains are not redirected to country specific domains. Buy one for your blog. Its not so costly. Blogger provides domain in as less as 10$ for a year, and with other domain hosting services, its even lower. 
Not interested in buying a domain? Here is another solution. 
  • Go to Blogger dashboard > Template > Edit HTML. 
  • Back up your template in case something wrong happens.
  • Now search for the line <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>. Press Control + F and then search it. 
  • Just below the line paste these lines,: 
&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;
var str= window.location.href.toString();
if ((str.indexOf('.com/'))=='-1') {
var str1=str.substring(str.lastIndexOf(&quot;.blogspot.&quot;));
if (str1.indexOf('/')=='-1') {
var str2=str1;
else {
var str2=str1.substring(0,str1.indexOf('/')+1);
window.location.href =window.location.href.toString().replace(str2,'.blogspot.com/ncr/');
  •  Now, preview template to see if everything is okay. 
  • Save templates. The work is done. 
This javascript redirects country specific redirection back to .com domains. Although this will reduce site's loading speed, since there are two redirection, one from .com to country specific and then back to .com domain, but still its a good way if you really don't wanna go for a custom domain. 



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