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Google PageRank update 2013 News.

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PageRank is one of the factors webmasters considers in measuring their progress. Newbies are so obsessed with this PageRank thing that they Check PageRank almost weekly although they are familiar with the fact that its not gonna change until the next PageRank update. 
Google Page Rank update 2013

Google has updated PageRank quarterly in the year 2012: 

▌ 7 February 2012 

▌ 2 May 2012 

▌ 2 August 2012 

▌ 7 November 2012 

The only update in this year has been on 

▌ 4 February 2012. 

Going by the trend, the next update would have been in the 1st week of May. However, there is no still sign of it.

Google has updated it at a consistent base in the last year. There are predictions all over the internet with PageRank update rolling in the last week of June, still no one is sure of it. 

Now what if Google do not updates PageRank this quarter? 
This may provide a relief to blogs that have used black hat SEO and link building strategies like buying backlinks. However, for a small publisher like me and thousands other who are practicing healthy link building strategies,  its a sad news. An increase of 0 to 1 in PageRank is really a motivation to small bloggers. The delay or cancellation of Update this quarter will only make us wait for another 3 months to measure the progress. 

Hoping for the next update to roll out soon. Fingers crossed. !! 



  1. It would be great to see some PR update soon. For pages like ours it's not only a measure of progress of our work, it would also help to get more attention from sponsors and to raise more money for charity.

  2. may be its possible in end of june

  3. I dont think there will be an update because Google rolled out his latest penguin 2.0 update, anyways lets wait and see.

  4. Same here, am waiting for google pagerank update for my blog as i planned to apply for buysellads, but advertisers will only be interested if it has a pr of 2 and above. so i need it as well!

  5. Waiting for the same. hopefully by jun end. Thanks for sharing.
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  7. I am waiting for new pagerank update, because I did lot of positive efforts to increase page rank of my blog. Thanks.

  8. Thanks for the info but still the Page rank not yet updated waiting for that ...

  9. Awesome post i was expecting this info and all though we are all waiting for the Page rank Update thanks for the share.

  10. I always past one month waiting for page rank update. I think definitely update before end of this month.

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  16. It is to long, i wait and waiting and check my pagerank on

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  18. Its september and there is no pr update yet - i wonder whats hapening with google

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