Wednesday, 10 April 2013

List of Social Media to promote your blog

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Social Media has emerged as the main area of driving traffic to a blog or a website. Spending some time on Social media for marketing can lead to quality traffic to your blog and Social Media can even serve as the best platform to build a relationship with the audience. 
Here is a List of Social Media to promote your blog. 
Create separate account on each of them, connect with the audience, and promote your contents out there and you will for sure see your traffic going higher. 
  • Make a separate account on each of these sharing platforms. 
  • Share your latest contents regularly. 
  • Give a thanks to likes, +, ups. Reply to comments and personally give a thanks to shares. 
  • Join pages, communities, groups of your niche. Share your contents there and involve in various discussions going on. 
  • Like and share others content which you find informative and interesting. 
  • Don't over do it. Its simply called spamming. 
  • Don't get controversial even if someone responds to you in negative manner. 
  • Keep internet clean. There is no need to put the same links few hundred times in the same community, or groups. 
Add some more social media platforms which you use for your blog and which results in traffic to you. 



  1. interesting, izin nyoba... :)

  2. Thankx for sharing that all informative stuff. and if that is possible so please tell me about Technorati how it,s work.actually m unable to use this social marketing website.

    1. ben, I have been working on a post about using technorati as a marketing tool. Will soon be posting about it in a day or two. You can subscribe to my blog to receive the post in your email whenever it is published. :)

  3. This is a great article you have here. promoting a blog has never been easier.

  4. Hi Ambarish,

    In your list there of social media, I don't have everything. I only have Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Pinterest. First time I blogged here I joined every social media and I was overwhelmed. Best thing to do is do it one-at-a-time. Master one, then proceed on adding them slowly but surely.


    1. so gravatar doesn't show here. but if I enter Google+ it shows. I entered my Wordpress on that previous comment and my gravatar doesn't show. weird.

  5. Thanks for Sharing Social Networking Site with social bookmarking list.

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