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Put links in blogger's comments

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Commenting on blog's of higher PageRank is one of the ways of getting back links and driving small still consistent traffic. You may have noticed in the process that some of the blogs/sites you have visited have options to insert links of your blog. Usually all the WordPress blogs have this features. However, Blogger's default comment section do not include any such options. 

Blogger has worked a lot in improving its design, templates and dashboards. However, the Comment section is still the old and same. There is no options of putting your links in the comment section. 

I have been personally suffering from this problem from a while when I started using comments for creating some useful back links for my blogs. WordPress on one hand has inbuilt feature of detecting the latest posts on your blog and creating links for them while some premium blogger's templates have commentLuv plugin which does the same. But for most of the users, who use in built templates or free third party templates has no such option. 

However, you can still put links to your blog on the blogs which are hosted on bloggers. Write a meaningful comment and by the end of the comment Insert the links to your blog. Here are the steps.

Inserting links in Blogger's comments.

<a href="">Blogging Basics.</a>

Replace by your blog address

And replace "Blogging Basics." with your caption

Caption shows the text by which your link will appear. 
For example: Blogging Basics. is the caption while the link is 

Simple yet effective. 



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