Friday, 12 April 2013

If you are an Adsense publisher and noticing that the clicks you are generating on your ads are counting to zero earning, with Cost per Click zero, here are the three basic reasons for Adsense clicks but zero earnings. Although there may be some more reasons but these 3 reasons mainly account for zero earning with clicks on Adsense. 

  • You are using Site Authorization feature and the website showing your ads has not been added to the authorized list, so the clicks it is generating is not counted at all. The solution is that stop using this feature or add that site to the authorization list. You may try adding different forms of your URL in the permitted list like

  • The ads which are shown on Google may be CPM ads. Google reserve the selection of the ads and user cannot decide which ad to show up, Pay per Click Or Cost per Mile ads. If a CPM ad is shown and you generate a click on that ad, your cpc will be zero and earning will be according to the impressions. Usually CPM ads are low in income so for very less Impressions, your income will show to zero only. 

  • Invalid clicks. Google monitors all the clicks and it might be possible that Google detected some of these invalids. There may be various reasons for invalid clicks and Google do not discloses its click monitoring system. However, these clicks are counted in stats which might confuse. 

Usually, these 3 points only results in zero earning from Adsense even if there are clicks. 



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    1. Thank you very much. I hope you could contriubute by sharing your views on the matter itself. Anyway, thanks a lot.:)

  2. Thank you for this short and to the point post! The second reason might explain the issue we started to observe recently with clicks that do not generate earnings. Other articles about the subject we read didn't mention this reason.

    1. For a new blog, when the CPC is too low that even CPM ads are comparable and Adsense then selects CPM ads instead of CPC, and getting clicks on these CPM ads will never pay you. They will pay by CPM. Cost per Mile.

  3. Good try, but this is simply NOT TRUE.

    If you have invalid clicks, AdSense will inform you directly. If there's any type of suspicious activity on your profile, AdSense will contact you directly.

    There is not one person who has received mony for April 2013 because there is an obvious system wide bug taking place that Google/Adsense seems to be ignoring. So your reasons would be valid if it happened to one or two people, not a few hundred thousand.

    1. Google never inform you about the invalid click activity going on your blog. They just simply ban you. In terms and services, they mention it that its your responsibility to prevent those clicks and as if I know, I have never heard from anyone that Google reports them that your account had invalid clicks? What to do next.

  4. Thank you for this useful information, I have been wondering why some of the adsense clicks were not earning me any money.

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