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Top 3 Link building strategies 2013

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Link building is just a way of leaving traces all over the internet through which your web blog can be reached by anonymous person. Its like you leave your address all over the globe and people reach to you through that address. It can be one of the major source of traffic to your blog if done in a right way. There are various link building ways you can follow to attract some readers. Some of them are been discussed below. 

  • Commenting on other blogs. You are most probably already familiar with this technique. its still the basic and best technique for creating a link to your blog on some higher page rank blog. If you have not taken care of this, you should start spending some quality time on this. You can read this article to create better links while commenting.
Leaving comments on another blog.

Blogs hosted on bloggers do not have inbuilt link generating features. However, you can still post links in the comment section of the blogger. Its been discussed already in the blog by the name Put links in blogger's comments.

  • Yahoo answers. Yahoo answers can be very useful in driving traffic to your blog. Answer questions related to your niche in yahoo. Choose at least 10 questions each day and answer them in such a manner so as the user is tempted to visit your blog while reading the answer. In starting, you won't see significant rise in traffic, but just imagine posting 10 links a day for a month will create 300 links to your blog. And yahoo answers are already search optimized. People will reach to it through search engines also. And getting some 'Thank you's are really motivational. Isn't it. 

  • Posting in Forums. Many forums provide the facility of putting links in your signature. Utilize this feature. Answers questions in forums mentioning links to your blogs and you will start seeing some of the traffic from them. There are numerous forums related to your niche. You just have to select 3-4 of them with high rankings, answers questions already asked putting links in your answers. Choose those topics which are crowded and a progressive discussion is going on. There is no point in posting links to a topic which has been dead for a year. 
I am working on second part of this article. If you have any other ways of link building, do post in comments. I will surely take up your advice. 



  1. Link building is considered as the basic building blocks of SEO. It is like a foundation that contributes a lot in enhancing the ranking of a website in search engine results. The sources you have shared like forum posting, yahoo answers, forum postings, blog commenting are pretty good ways of doing so.

  2. Forum posting is really useful but problem is that most of the forums don't allow do follow links that can build some PR

  3. By creating natural link building such as create forum posting, blog comments unique create content and social profile.

  4. Hi there, nice post and a good source of information. It really shows that you're an expert in this field. I'm looking for some link building strategies in this site. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!

  5. Nice information about link building. But are these also going to be as useful in 2014 as those were in 2013?

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