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Ways to promote your blog

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People often want to reach to maximum people through their blog and there are various ways to promote your blog and reach to maximum people. Here is a list of ways in which you can promote your blog and get some traffic. Although these steps looks basic and already over-written on internet, they still are the best steps to get traffic. 

  • Quality content. Write good quality content. No one want to read useless crap articles and posts with lots of spelling and grammar mistakes. Read before you write. Don't copy paste others work. The best way of creating an article is to think what you as a reader wants to read and thus creating the content for the reader. The more you get traffic, chances are that you will earn more if you have monetized your blog.
  • Follow SEO practices. Try to follow some of the search engine practices. Search engines are the primary sources of traffic to your blog and keeping them in mind while writing content is a good way to attract readers. Use keywords in your title, in your posts and use pictures with alt tag to get discovered in even Google image search. 
  • Update regularly. The more content you have, the more traffic you will get. Chances of your blog being discovered is more if you have more content. A blog with 100 articles is more likely to have more visitors than another blog with 10 articles as there is more to read in the first one. Write regularly. In beginning, it can an article a day and later on you can publish article on weekly basis. Its your wish and convenience.
  • Connect to social media. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter can get you a huge lot of targeted audience to your blog. Connect to them, make a page for your blog, a community and ask your friends to join. Post links of your articles regularly. Most of the traffic for my blog comes from social media marketing. You can find various articles regarding promotion of your blog on various social media on this blog. I have written some articles on them. 
How to Get huge traffic from twitter
Facebook marketing for your blog
Google Plus Marketing for your blog

  • Submit your blog to blog directories. Is your blog listed to or They can be a great way to promote your blog. Your new contents are regularly and automatically updates on their listing and they are hub for bloggers. Submit your blog their. 


  1. Those are some nice tips. I was wondering how to get more traffic on my site. These some good starters

    1. Thanks bro. Words motivate me to do better.

  2. I am new to blogging and found this advice to be very helpful.


    1. Welcome bro.!! Don't forget to subscribe to the blog to receive latest contents.

  3. Very good blog, i wish mine can be like yours someday :)

  4. very good your post sir...
    i like it... i want study with you.. :)
    dont forget stay in my blog sir..

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