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Common reasons for AdSense ban

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AdSense is undoubtedly the best paying network for publishers. But this comes at the cost of strict policies that Google maintains to ensure that it remains best. Getting into AdSense is the toughest job for a beginner blogger and even after getting approved, there are high chances of getting banned if some common practices are not kept in mind. Here is the list which you should keep in mind to ensure that you and your relationship with AdSense remains safe through out your blogging career.
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  • Encouraging clicks. You, as a publisher are not allowed to encourage your visitors to click on your ads in any way. You cannot make it look as a part of your blog's content. It must look like its an ad to the visitors.

  • Misleading labels. You cannot label to your ads as 'click here', 'our sponsors', recommended websites/blogs', or put it in an way that your visitors find it difficult to differentiate it as an ad. You cannot even put labels as support us, click here and let us eat, etc etc. 

  • Design of your site. You cannot design your site in accordance to your ads as if they misguide the visitors. Putting an arrow sign pointing to the ads is one such example which will lead to your AdSense ban.
  • Ads on Redirected pages. You cannot put ads on those pages which are been redirected when a user do an activity on your blog, like commenting. Ads on thank you page, or exit page are not allowed in terms of AdSense. Make sure that you haven't done any such mistake. You cannot even put ads on websites which keep on refreshing after an allowed time. You may have noticed that many sites which have this thing of refreshing after some seconds keeps the refresh action to a certain frame and not to ads. E.g. A site maintaining scores in cricket will only refresh the scores and not the complete page which includes AdSense ads.
  • Ads in chats, or instant messaging services are not allowed. It should only be on website/blog where your content is served. You cannot put ads in e-mail or any software application.

  • Buying clicks. You cannot buy or sell clicks. You cannot ask people to click on your ads and tell them that you will pay a part of your income to them. Its illegal in the eyes of AdSense. 

  • Ads aligned with images. You cannot place ads in alignment with images. It may look like a part of the image sequence and it is not allowed. You must in any case put the ads in such a way that the user is able to distinguish it from contents. 

  • Google Do not allow placing of ads on sites that have more than 3 pop ups. They also restrict placing ads in a pop, which may keep floating in the rightmost corner of site, or which re-emerge after every 30seconds or so. 

Although, these are the most basic terms and condition of AdSense, many publishers are banned due to going against these policies. As a publisher, if Google bans you for once, you are banned for your life time and 9 out of 10 cases do not get their account back. You should be really lucky in getting it back and the chances are very thin. So, why to take risk. Prevention is always better than cure. Although there are several AdSense alternatives but non of them are as efficient as it. If you use AdSense you will surely agree with my point. So keeping all these points will lead to a better relationship between you and the AdSense. Its up to now. 



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