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Get traffic to your blog from StumbleUpon

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According to Wikipedia, "StumbleUpon is a discovery engine (a form of web search engine) that finds and recommends web content to its users. Its features allow users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests using peer-sourcing and social-networking principles." 

This means when you register on StumbleUpon, you will be asked to select your choices of Interest and whenever you 'Stumble', you will be shown a web page submitted by another user in that category. Its totally random. Getting some +1 on StumbleUpon can make your article go viral leading to a huge traffic to your blog.
How to submit links to StumbleUpon? 
  • Create a StumbleUpon account on its website You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to register or with any open Id. 
  • After Creating an account on StumbleUpon, you will be asked to select your Interests. Select whatever you like. 
  • Now, go to username, and from the drop down menu, select "Add a Page". You will be redirected to a submit page where you can submit links of your blogs. 
  • Fill the details and submit your page. You will see some traffic to your blog for sure. Instantly. 
Some Do's for StumbleUpon. 

  • Selecting the Area of Interest for post is most important. No one is gonna like your post on 'Body building' if you submit it in a category of 'Mathematics'.
  • Submit a separate link for all your posts.
  • Try to give as much Tags as possible. Find some keywords from your post and add them in tags. I am not sure that will help but if its their, its must be of some use. 
  • Add a good comment to your link. Sometimes users are attracted to your post by seeing a good informative comment. 

Some Don'ts for StumbleUpon.
  • Don't spam. Submitting too much links just for the shake of traffic is not a good idea. Don't pollute it. There are people out their for recreation. Submit only quality things. No one loves a useless junk.
  • Their is a limit of number of links you can submit. One/day is good. 
  • One link cannot be added more than once. Don't waste your time trying for that. 
  • Its a short term benefit. For a longer period, you have to switch to 'Quality contents, SEO and link buildings' only. 


  1. How can I submit a separate link for all my posts. I`ve got 150 posts. Can You explain it?
    Your post is good. I was looking for something like this.

    1. You have to do it manually :( And i guess they won't allow you to submit that much link. Try submitting 5 per day.. you will be getting 100visits from those 5 link submission..Minimum..

  2. StumbleUpon was one of two steps I still need to take. I felt like it was just - one more thing - I had to accomplish. Your article has me heading over there right now to check it out & check it off my list. Thank you. I actually look forward to jumping in & getting acquainted with another community.

    1. Yeah.. Taking right steps and spending some time on stumbleupon can drive huge traffic to a blog. All the best :)

  3. You also need to learn to interact with users by “Liking” their content and following them. It works a bit like any serious social network, so interacting socially is critical if you’re going to really make an impact on your own online ventures and not only that StumbleUpon could possibly drive more traffic to your website .

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