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How to select best topic for your blog

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The most important question after deciding to blog is how to select the best topic for your blog. Are you blogging just for fun or you have plans of making money? There is a difference. If you are blogging for fun, you write for yourself. If you wanna earn money, you write for the audience. You should try to find a topic suited to both the things. 

  • Find a topic which you are interested in. If you create a blog which do not attracts you content-wise, how can you think of others to be attracted to it? Write about something you are passionate about. Select a topic which you will love to Google Search.
  • Stick to a particular topic. There is no point writing about 'blue whale' on a recipe blog. Stick to the   topic you started with. Its always better to target a particular audience. If you are maintaining a blog for body building, you hope to see visitors who are interested in it. Trust me, they will be really frustrated if they find a "laptop review" there. 
  • Fun or money?. If you are doing it as a hobby, you don't really need to worry about. Just go and write about your favorite athlete, places, or anything. But if you wanna blogging as a source of income, try selecting a topic which not only interests you but also to a large number of people. Just sit and think what you search daily, and try to get an image of what other people search for. Try to select any such topic. 
  • Think about the competition. If you start a blog which already has been over-written on the internet, then its less likely for you to get visitors. Those websites or blogs are older than you, containing more posts, indexed in search engines and much more.Competing with them with a brand new blog would be a messy thing. Try to find a topic which is less written about and is interesting. And by the way, even there is a large competition in the area you wanna write, go for it. Who cares man!
  • Can you write about it enough?. It must not happen that you run out of contents to post. Select a topic which you can write about for a long period of time. Starting a blog on "Nokia 5233" model will lead to 'nothing to write situation' after a time. Try writing about 'all Nokia models'. Its just a example!! Contents will be the key.
I have created a lot of blogs. Some as hobby, some professionally to earn some money. I have failed at times. But i am still continuing. Go on with whatever you started. That's the mantra for success. 


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  1. This is so true but no always easy to do, is it! Time and persistence do pay off but as you said find your voice and purpose and stick

    1. Find your voice and purpose, and stick to it. You concluded my complete post in a better way :) thank you..

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