Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Getting Adsense approval is one of the biggest challenge for the bloggers. Adsense has become much more strict these days giving approval to webmasters. However, following some of the basic points could lead to faster Adsense account approval to you. Here are some of the points for quick Adsense Approval. Although you can't really call these points tips and tricks, but they are the normal rules you should adhere to in order to getting a Adsense account. 

  • Get a custom domain. Buy a custom domain for your blog. Google has almost stopped considering .blogspot blogs. I am not saying that its impossible with blogspot domain but getting a custom domain will double your chances for approval. A custom domain will cost you not more than 10$ for a year. And domain hosting like Godaddy have discount coupons which ensures domain in as less as 3$. 
  • Have some content. Don' apply with little content. Build your site and have some good quality posts. Before applying publish at least 50 articles with about 500 words each. In the beginning, you can post 2-3 articles per day. Do you think Google will show interest in approving a web blog with 10 articles? I don't think so. No one is having interest in showing ads on your website which have no content or very less. 
  • Have some visitors. There is no pre-requisite of traffic for applying to Adsense. However, it don't make sense to apply for a blog with low visitors. Even if you get approval you won't be making any such money. Market your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. You will surely get good amount of traffic. Connect with people of your niche.
  • Good website design. Have a good website design. If you are on blogger, go for third party templates. There are hundreds of free and professional looking templates across the internet. Just Google it. As they say, if you can't make good, make it look good. At least. 
  • Include about us and privacy policy page: Google has made it mandatory to include privacy policy. Create one yourself and if you don't wanna complications, Google it. There are thousand of websites ready to make a privacy policy for you for free. Including a About us page is better. It should include information regarding you and other authors and the primary aim of the websites. 
There is no fixed rules or tips and tricks defined for Adsense approval. However, following some these points will make your work easy. Good luck. Make some money. 



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